Jieun (Gina) Park

Jieun (Gina) Park

Accommodation Manager, Air Motel
Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business

She has long been fascinated by global business, says Jieun (Gina) Park who came to AUT as an international student from South Korea to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business.

“I worked for Korean airlines as an assistant purser for eight years, and this experience sparked my interest in the global business environment. I wanted to broaden my knowledge of the wider business world, and studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business seemed a great way to achieve this.”

She is now planning the next step in her career, says Gina who graduated from AUT in August and is proud of the A grade average she achieved throughout her studies.

“I’m currently working as an accommodation manager and my next goal is to find a position in an international company where I can apply the knowledge and abilities I acquired throughout my time at AUT.”

Building a global network
Because AUT’s professional business programmes attract students from different backgrounds, Gina loved making friends from all around the world and with different career experiences.

“I was delighted to make friends from different countries and different backgrounds, and hearing about their experiences helped me enhance my knowledge of the international business environment. I’ve managed to build a professional network that spans the globe and obtained profound business knowledge.

“The experienced academic staff helped me understand the global business environment and supply chains using both a theoretical approach and a practical point of view. I know that the knowledge I gained, and the problem-solving and analytical skills I developed through my studies will significantly contribute to my future career.”

There’s plenty of help available if you need it, Gina says.

“Researching and reporting were not familiar to me as my previous degree is in computer science, and until I came to AUT I didn’t really need to do academic writing and referencing. When I got a C+ for my first assignment, my professor recommended that I attend workshops on APA referencing and report writing, which are both offered at AUT. Thanks to these workshops, I was able to enhance my report skills and got an A+ for my final assignment.”

Advice for other students
Make the most of your time at AUT, Gina advises other students.

“AUT has lots of programmes to support students, for example the Employability Lab and Student Hub, and there are many useful workshops you can attend to help you build your academic or employability skills. Don’t live at the library. Make friends. Having good friends is priceless.”

Ask for help if you need it, she adds.

“Don't afraid to ask and get study advice from the academic staff. They’re always happy to support students.”

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