JiaWei (Bill) Deng

JiaWei (Bill) Deng

Project Manager, Triangle Steel Construction, ChengDu, China
Master of Construction Management

Studying the Master of Construction Management made sense if he wanted to take his construction career further between China and New Zealand, says JiaWei (Bill) Deng who came to AUT as an international student from China.

“I had been working in the New Zealand construction industry for a number of years, but my goal was to become a project manager and work in the international construction industry in the future. I knew that the Master of Construction Management would help me achieve this goal. AUT is one of the top universities in all the world, and focuses on experiential learning, which will be very helpful for my career development.”

Having completed his Master of Construction Management in mid-2021, Bill is looking forward to applying what he has learnt through his studies.

“I want to keep working between the New Zealand construction industry and the Chinese construction industry, using the knowledge I learned at AUT and help build a better future. I’ve already been able to use the construction knowledge I gained at AUT to help companies in China cooperate on some construction projects in New Zealand.”

Inspired and supported
The academic staff particularly impressed Bill.

“When I was doing the course on international construction, the lecturer, Professor John Tookey, taught us how to organise an international construction company. Because I was already working in a global construction company, this course inspired me and gave me new insights into how to contribute to my company and work with overseas companies and suppliers.”

He also appreciated the guidance he received during his research project.

“The biggest challenge I faced at AUT was my research project. I’m grateful that my supervisor, Dr Jeff Seadon, gave me a lot of support during this period in our weekly meetings, from how to do interviews to how to analyse the data.”

Advice for other students
Bill has some great advice for other students thinking about returning to university study.

“My advice is to keep learning and keep studying. Never give up and always ask if you don’t understand something.”

He would highly recommend the programme to other students interested in taking their construction career further.

“I’d definitely recommend the Master of Construction Management. As an international student, this programme will help you integrate into the New Zealand construction industry. At the same time, this course will teach you how to work in the international construction industry.”

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