Jess Smith

Jess Smith

Radio Integration Operations Coordinator, Mediaworks Radio
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Radio

The media industry has always fascinated her, says AUT communication studies alumna Jess Smith.

“I’ve always had a huge interest in the media industry, especially TV, advertising and radio. I decided to study communications because it offers an insight into the different aspects of the industry and enables you to find the area that best suits you.”

Now working at Mediaworks Radio, Jess is responsible for planning and executing client campaigns across all of the company’s radio brands; The Edge, Mai, More FM, George FM, The Rock, Breeze, Sound and Magic.

“I've wanted to work in radio since I was in school, and it's great to finally be working in the industry and learning all the ins and outs.”

A taste of the LA music industry
After graduating from AUT at the end of 2017, Jess went to the US to work as a studio assistant for Paramount Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

“At the end of my third year of study I was awarded an Internz scholarship to intern at Paramount Recording Studios in Los Angeles. As soon as I saw the internship advertised, I knew I had to apply for it. It had always been my goal to work in the music industry and having the chance to do that in Hollywood seemed too good to pass up.”

The people are what she enjoyed the most about working at Paramount, Jess says.

“I got to work alongside some amazing staff, and every day I got to meet incredible artists whose music I had been listening to for years. It was cool to see how the music industry works behind the scenes.”

Advice for future AUT students
Make the most of the opportunities, Jess advises other students.

“Internships and volunteering while you study will do wonders for your future employment. Be eager. Take any opportunities that come up, email companies about internships and make yourself known.”

Being able to run the student radio station is a great chance for AUT radio students to prepare for their future career, Jess adds.

“In my third year, I worked closely with a small group of students and tutors to run the student radio station. They were all passionate about radio and it was an awesome way to finish my degree.

“What I loved about AUT is that a lot of the papers are practical and that the facilities at AUT are a step ahead. When I was deciding which university to attend, I checked out the AUT City Campus and knew it was where I wanted to study. The radio and TV studios are what sold me on AUT.”

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