Jerry Walker Anis

Jerry Walker Anis

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Economics
Certificate in Business

His interest in economics began when he was attending high school in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, says Jerry Walker Anis who is completing a Bachelor of Business in Economics, supported by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade NZ Scholarship.

“My biology teacher at the time told me about the importance of economists and the perks that come with such a career; not just the financial perks but also being more savvy about how the world works. Life can be a lot easier when you understand how things work around you.

“Choosing economics was important to me as my home country Papua New Guinea is rich in resources and minerals, but managing them has always been an issue. When I found out about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade NZ Scholarship to study in New Zealand, I knew I only wanted to study economics. It was an easy choice for me.”

Currently in the third year of his studies, Jerry could see himself applying his knowledge of economics in a range of important roles.

“I’ve always wanted to be an analyst in the mining sector, managing resources and providing revenue for my country. I’d also be glad to work as an analyst in one of the public offices in my country, or at a banking agency or charitable organisation.”

The right university environment
He has thoroughly enjoyed his studies so far, Jerry says.

“The lectures at AUT are very informative and up to date, yet easy to understand. Back home in Papua New Guinea, we do a lot of handwritten assessments but here everything is digital, which makes me enjoy studying and learning even more. I’ve met a lot of great people since I arrived in 2019, and they have been nothing but helpful and good to me.

“This is my last semester, and I’m currently completing my workplace experience with NeuronUP as a market research analyst. Over the summer, I also completed a successful business analyst Internship with HP New Zealand Limited; a role the company extended until April for me. I’m also proud that I’m on track to successfully complete my degree with First Class Honours.”

Hearing the head of AUT’s School of Economics talk about the importance of economics was inspiring for him.

“In my first semester in 2019, Associate Professor Saten Kumar was speaking to us about why it’s important to study economics, and what the benefits would be if one chooses to study economics and make a career in that field. This reinforced my desire to pursue my dream of studying economics and one day become an economist. I still remember a lot of that speech now.”

Advice for other students
He would highly recommend the Bachelor of Business to others, Jerry says.

“AUT is in the top 1% of universities worldwide, and who wouldn’t want to attain a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or even a PhD from such a prestigious university? The lectures are great, the facilities are great, the staff and students are great. One would definitely not feel out of place at AUT so I would definitely recommend AUT’s business programme to others.”

The doors a qualification from AUT can open will surprise you, says Jerry who is combining his Economics major with a minor in Data Analytics.

“AUT offers skills that will definitely set you up for life. With AUT’s flexibility in choosing elective courses from all its schools, the advantage of learning different skills along with your majors is great because it will give you an edge when going job searching when you graduate.”

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