Jeremiah Tautati Zobule

Jeremiah Tautati Zobule

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Arts in Economics

He has long been fascinated by economics, says Jeremiah Tautati Zobule who came to AUT as an international student from the Solomon Islands, supported by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade NZ Scholarship.

“I chose to study a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, with a minor in Finance, because the subject of economics has interested me ever since I first came across it. This degree in particular is also great as it’s a mixture of both economics and other courses related to society, which expands the knowledge I’m gaining through my studies.”

Now in the second year of his studies, Jeremiah already has a good idea what he wants to do when he finishes his degree.

“The career I want to pursue when I graduate is to work at the Reserve Bank of the Solomon Islands. I believe the knowledge and skills I’m gaining through my studies will be of great use there. I’d really like to help my country in its development.”

The right choice

He would highly recommend the Bachelor of Arts in Economics to other students, Jeremiah says.

“This programme is a good choice because of the importance of the economy in any country. One of the things I’ve enjoyed about my study here at AUT is the abundance of the resources that are available to me, from the quality of the classrooms and the many sources of information to the standard of teaching.”

Jeremiah was particularly impressed by one of his first-year lecturers.

“Our Economic Principles lecturer astounded me during the first few lectures with how he managed to make complex economic concepts easy to understand. He has continued to teach in such a manner, as have my other lecturers. This has encouraged me in my study so far, and when I come across difficult concepts I always try to simplify them and not give up.”

Advice for other students

It’s important to understand English well, Jeremiah advises other international students planning to come to New Zealand from the Solomon Islands.

“As Solomon Islanders, English is not our mother tongue and as such being literate in English is not easy. With regards to university and all forms of education, all subjects are written in English, even mathematics.

“A friend of mine once told me that if you’re not good at English then learning will be harder than it needs to be. I’ve found this to be true and as such my advice to other students is to try and understand English.”

Jeremiah says he is  grateful for the support available to AUT students, particularly during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“One significant challenge I faced in my first year at AUT was trying to learn in the midst of a global pandemic. As AUT was closed for several months while New Zealand was in COVID-19 lockdown, trying to learn at home was certainly a challenge. However, AUT did a lot in helping us students cope, with the use of live online lectures, the removal of exams and communication with students in need throughout this period.”

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