Jayde Purdie

Jayde Purdie

Complaints Assessor, Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner
Bachelor of Health Science

Looking after consumer rights is rewarding, says AUT health sciences alumna Jayde Purdie who now works at the Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner.

"Our aim is to ensure that consumer rights are upheld. My day-to-day job consists of analysing medical records to make sure the standard of healthcare consumers receive is consistent with expected standards. We're constantly liaising with health boards, regulatory boards and the Ministry of Health.

"My work is fascinating. I find that when my day ends I still want to actively research ideas I've come across that day. It's challenging but I'm constantly learning."

Workplace experience opens door
Jayde became familiar with the Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner during the workplace experience in her final year at AUT.

"In the third year of my Bachelor of Health Science, I completed a research project in my current workplace. This really opened my eyes to the functioning of New Zealand medico law and gave me a greater understanding of the underlying legislation."

Her AUT degree is invaluable for her work now, Jayde says.

"I can confidently say that I use my degree every single day, whether it's applying health law concepts or discussing drug interactions and contraindications. I'm grateful that my AUT degree has equipped me with a broad understanding of the New Zealand healthcare system."

The foundation for non-clinical health roles
Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors in New Zealand, and there's a need for an adaptable and diverse workforce in the non-clinical roles, Jayde says.

"The standard pathway in the Bachelor of Health Science offers the perfect platform for careers in non-clinical healthcare roles.  AUT is renowned for its health and environmental sciences programmes, and students can choose from a range of health and non-health based topics."

Being able to learn from well-known healthcare experts was one of the highlights of Jayde's degree.

"Meeting lecturers like Professor Kate Diesfeld, an expert on health law, was an honour. She has a range of publications I used throughout my degree. I also met some great friends through my study."