Jason Jia Wang

Jason Jia Wang

Associate Professor/Deputy Director of the Business English Major Administration Office, Department of Foreign Language and Law, Tianjin University Renai College, Tianjin City, China
Bachelor of Arts in English and New Media Studies
Bachelor of Business in Accounting

His biggest achievement is the number of university graduates he trains every year, says AUT alumnus Jason Jia Wang who is now a lecturer in the Department of Foreign Language and Law at Tianjin University Renai College in China.

In addition to his role at Tianjin University Renai College, Jason also finds the time to serve as a committee member of the National Committee for Foreign Languages in Business and as a member of the Translators’ Association of China.

“I’m responsible for teaching the core papers in our Business English major and our English major. I also organise and manage our graduation thesis programme, and a series of school level academic competitions in public English speaking, interpreting and business English. Another part of my work is preparing student contestants for different academic competitions.

“Young students are the future of this world, and I like being able to do something for them to help them become wiser and stronger for their own journey. I enjoy being able to positively influence younger generations; this is the biggest achievement I’ve had so far.”

A world-class teaching environment
Jason initially came to AUT to study business, graduating with a Bachelor of Business in Accounting in 2009, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in English and New Media Studies in 2011.

“My grandfather was a businessman in China before 1949 and he returned to the business world after China's open-door policy in 1979. My mother and aunt followed him and started their own joint venture. When it was my turn to start tertiary studies, I wanted to be comprehensively trained in business to face the challenges of today’s ever-changing environment and build my future career. I came to AUT because it could provide me with the academic teaching I needed.

“While I was studying at AUT, I was most impressed by the excellent teaching and academic staff. In each paper, the lecturers were either academic experts or senior industry professionals. They had a deep understanding of their area of expertise. I also appreciated AUT’s world-class modern teaching facilities, and I felt lucky to learn in such an environment.”

In his role now, Jason frequently draws on the skills he developed during his time at AUT.

“Today, I transfer what I learned at AUT to the tertiary institution in my hometown in China to benefit local students. I also encourage the best students to continue into postgraduate study and consider studying at AUT in New Zealand.”

A strong connection
It’s been a decade since Jason studied at AUT, but even today he still has a strong bond with the university.

“In July 2019, I was in a meeting with an AUT professor in Tianjin, China. His professionalism and academic talent gave me the confidence that AUT will continue to do well, and win in this changing world in the field of tertiary research and education.”

Tertiary education is a must in today’s world, Jason advises other students.

“Academic learning is not an easy task, but it is achievable and worthy of trying hard. You’re lucky because AUT will help you along the way. Come to AUT, and you will see the outcome soon.”

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