Jane Gabites

Jane Gabites

Counselling Psychologist, Jane Gabites Psychology
Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology
Master of Health Science with First Class Honours
Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) in Psychology
Bachelor of Health Science in Psychology

She loves being able to help people get better, says health sciences alumna Jane Gabites who is now a registered psychologist and has her own counselling psychology practice.

“In the work I do as a counselling psychologist I enjoy being able to help people, so they can go on to live rich and meaningful lives. Sometimes, just teaching a person some new strategies around unhelpful thinking patterns can have a transformative effect for them, which is really exciting and rewarding.

“Much of my private practice work is as a provider for ACC’s Sensitive Claims Service, where I work with clients who have experienced some form of sexual harm or trauma. This is incredibly rewarding, and my training as a counselling psychologist has set me up well to do this work. I also work with individuals and couples to help them negotiate any difficulties they come up against in their lives.”

A well-rounded approach to psychology
Jane has always been interested in what makes people tick.

“I decided to study the Bachelor of Health Science in Psychology because I liked the depth and breadth of subjects it offered. I felt that AUT would give me a well-rounded approach to psychology, and I liked that the class sizes at AUT weren’t overwhelming.”

The calibre of the academic staff was a key reason she chose AUT, she says.

“I was impressed by the quality of the lecturers. I liked that the academic staff at AUT were really passionate about their subjects and passed this on to the students.”

The skills to succeed
She says her studies set her up to do exactly what she wanted to do: become a registered counselling psychologist able to help people live their best lives.

“After completing my undergraduate degree, I enrolled in postgraduate study to become a counselling psychologist. I was very impressed by the counselling psychology programme. It takes a holistic yet scientific approach to psychology, which I really appreciate. I also valued the strong emphasis on safety and adhering to the psychologists’ Code of Ethics to ensure we give our clients the best possible, culturally appropriate service.”

She constantly draws on the skills she developed during her studies for her work now, Jane says.

“The AUT counselling psychology programme helped me in so many ways to do the work I’m doing now. I learned how to write thorough and accurate reports, how to develop positive therapeutic relationships, and how to keep clients safe, so that they can move forward and thrive.”

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