Jan Lam Wong

Jan Lam Wong

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Computer Science

Learning how to program and connect various objects is fascinating, says Jan Lam Wong who is currently studying a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Computer Science.

“Computers make our life easier, and if you like programming and enjoy learning how things work, then this degree is for you. It’s quite diverse in the sense that it exposes me to so many different aspects of computer science. Besides, there’s also a lot of group work, which can really improve your communication and collaboration skills; both skills that are highly sought after by employers.

“I also enjoy the challenges university has given me. They provide a platform for me to solve problems and to create. I find it pleasurable to have a product created at the end of development.”

Connections and support
Making heaps of friends has been one of the most enjoyable things about his studies, Jan Lam says.

“One of the reasons I chose to study at AUT is that AUT is known for having more interactive classes, and more opportunities to make meaningful connections with your lecturers and fellow students. I like the interaction with my friends, especially when we share ideas, work together and support each other. They have influenced me and made me who I am today.”

He also appreciates the support from the academic staff.

“AUT staff are very approachable and friendly. Whenever I’m stuck on an assignment or need advice, I go to my lecturers or tutors for help. They always listen and provide suggestions for me. Their guidance has been very valuable and has benefitted me a lot. There was also a time when I was going through a difficult personal situation, and the AUT counselling service supported me through this tough time.”

Valuable global experience
One of the many highlights throughout his time at AUT has been going on a student exchange to South America, Jan Lam says.

“Being awarded a Prime Minister's Scholarship for Latin America to go to Colombia for a student exchange has been the highlight. I was very surprised when I was selected as one of the scholars and I was absolutely thrilled.”

His time in Colombia was full of memorable experiences.

“My student exchange was just excellent – I learned, grew, tried new things, made friends and explored my new surroundings. My student exchange was a very enjoyable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. It made me rethink my life and what I want to do. I’m very grateful for AUT for enabling me to do that.”

Advice for other students
Now in the final year of his degree, Jan Lam has some great advice for other students.

“My advice is to enjoy student life while studying at university. Don’t be afraid to try things. Explore your passions by taking part in different activities like joining a club, going to events or being a student ambassador. These opportunities won’t be there once you graduate.

“You’ll grow through these experiences, meet many awesome and lovely friends, and acquire many new skills.”

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