James Walsham

James Walsham

Podcast Host, The Hypertrophy Hub
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (Honours) student
Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise
Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry)

He enjoys sharing his knowledge of exercise science through his social media channels, says sport and recreation student James Walsham who is the host of exercise and nutrition science podcast The Hypertrophy Hub.

“I’m hoping to pursue a career in online personal training as well as science communication through my podcast, YouTube videos and articles. I started my podcast in 2016, hoping to share my experiences of exercising with scoliosis with others, and I frequently host exercise scientists and other sport professionals who share their knowledge with my audience.

“I feel that I’ve grown my knowledgebase a significant amount through my studies. This has led to improvements across the board when I’m coaching athletes or recording my podcast. I’m now much more confident in my knowledge, and I know that I’m on track to becoming a great practitioner.”

After completing a podiatry degree, James enrolled in a Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise to prepare himself for postgraduate study. Now enrolled in a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (Honours) he is already planning his next step; a PhD.

“The Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise was a great way prepare myself for postgraduate study, and better understand and apply exercise science. I'm very happy with the support and guidance I've received from my honours degree supervisors, Dr Eric Helms and Ivan Jukic. Dr Eric Helms in particular has played a pivotal role in guiding my studies as he has helped me figure out where I may be lacking understanding as well as when I perform good work. I hope to pursue a PhD next year with him as my supervisor.”

An enjoyable journey
For James, the university journey started with AUT’s Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry).

“I initially chose to study at AUT due to the health focus of the AUT North Campus, and I’ve since decided to continue my studies here because of AUT’s world-renowned exercise science programmes. The quality of the professors and supervisors also played a major role in continuing my study at AUT.”

He has had plenty of highlights throughout his time at AUT.

“I’ve really enjoyed the practical and clinical lens through which AUT teaches health subjects as the focus was primarily on creating high-quality health practitioners rather than purely covering the academic theory.

“In both the podiatry and sport programmes I’ve also enjoyed the fact that lecturers are given enough time to spend one-on-one discussion time with students. I’ve found this essential in the development of my critical thinking skills as well as creating a deeper level of understanding of the topics discussed.”

Advice for other students
With five years of studying at AUT behind him, James has some great advice for other students.

“I think it’s really crucial to keep learning outside of your university degree. I often find that the coursework will touch on a broad range of topics and there will be certain topics you’re inspired by and passionate about. These are the topics where I would recommend self-education.”

James knows what he is talking about. With a strong passion for exercise science, he would often research topics related to exercise and fitness in his spare time.

“While AUT has played a pivotal role in helping me understand how to learn, a large amount of my education in exercise science has been outside of my undergraduate coursework, especially when I was completing my Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry).”

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