Jagmohan Singh Jaura

Jagmohan Singh Jaura

Senior Software Engineer, Rakon
Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

He loves using his engineering skills to improve people’s lives, says electrical engineering alumnus Jagmohan Singh Jaura who is now a senior software engineer for global high-tech company Rakon.

“I’m extremely proud of the fact that all the industries I’ve worked in thus far have contributed to improving life for humanity in one way or another. For example, my current workplace, Rakon, manufactures world-class crystal oscillators that are used by various industries around the world, including transportation, telecommunications and even space exploration.

“I’ve previously worked for Glidepath where I primarily worked on automated bag drop systems for airports around the world, enabling hassle free travel for the passengers. I was also involved in a logistics projects where we worked on the software for various automated parcel sortation sites for Australia Post. In an earlier role for Cubic Defence NZ, I developed training equipment for militaries around the world to enable soldiers to train themselves better and be more aware.”

At Rakon, he loves the variety his role offers.

“As part of the software development group, I’m designing, developing, testing, and supporting legacy and strategic test equipment software used by Rakon in France, India and the UK to test various types of crystals and crystal oscillators. I enjoy that no two days are the same, and every task brings upon its unique set of challenges.”

Destined to be an engineer
He has always had a thirst for knowledge, Jagmohan says.

“Growing up, I loved taking things apart, be it my toys or household appliances, while seeking answers for how they functioned and operated. I wanted to channel this curiosity and vigour, to eventually work in a field that allows me to develop technology and that aids humanity in some way. That’s why I decided to become an engineer.”

When he researched his university study options, it soon became clear that AUT was the right choice for him.

“AUT has a reputation for being the most practical university. That was important for me, as theoretical knowledge and practical skills are both a necessity for becoming a good engineer. The hands-on lab sessions really helped me put the theory into play and enhanced my understanding of the content. One highlight for me was my third-year engineering project – a device that could be flushed down toilets to identify cross-contamination between sewage and stormwater pipes, using RFID technology.

“Another standout for me was undertaking courses in ethics and sustainability. This was of great interest to me and I loved that we covered such topics in an engineering degree. These courses really helped me think about every decision I make as an engineer and the consequences these decisions have.”

Advice for other students
Jagmohan, who graduated from AUT in 2014 and received a number of top student awards throughout his studies, has some great advice for other students.

“Don’t limit yourself, take every leap of faith and cease opportunities. Study well and work hard to become whatever your passion may be. “

Don’t be reluctant to reach out to your lecturers, he adds.

“One of the paramount traits of AUT is the approachability and friendly nature of the academic staff. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and share your aspirations with them, so they can help you find the right path.”

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