Jacqueline Liaina Tailela

Jacqueline Liaina Tailela

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance

She enjoys the challenges accounting offers, says Jacqueline Liaina Tailela who migrated to New Zealand from Samoa and is currently in the final year of a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance.

“I chose this degree because I’ve always been passionate about accounts, and I want to become a certified accountant. Accounting can be challenging but these challenges motivate me to push through every single day.”

To help her reach her goal, Jacqueline is supported by a CA Australia New Zealand Pacific Scholarship, which is aimed at Pacific students studying towards an undergraduate degree in accounting.

“It had always been my passion to become an accountant, therefore I’ll try my very best for CA ANZ when I graduate.”

Opening doors
She has enjoyed the atmosphere at AUT, says Jacqueline who is studying at the AUT South Campus in Manukau.

“I chose to study at the AUT South Campus because it was just a minute away from my home. I’ve met a lot of great people who helped me in many different ways. AUT’s friendly environment, cheerful students and supportive staff have really pushed me to do well.”

A business degree can lead to many different pathways, she says.

“A Bachelor of Business can open doors to many opportunities that will definitely help our families and our communities. A Bachelor of Business is needed everywhere you go as countries around the world need help processing their finances. I always think of moving back home to Samoa at some point in life to help my family and my people back home.”

Valuable overseas experience
Being able to go on a student exchange and spend a semester in Canada has been one of the highlights of Jacqueline’s studies.

“I’m currently doing my one-semester exchange programme at the Telfer School of Management, which is part of the University of Ottawa in Canada. I believe that this student exchange is a one-time experience that will be beneficial in the future.”

She is enjoying life in Canada, says Jaqueline whose student exchange has been supported by a Business Undergraduate International Exchange scholarship.

“I love everything about Ottawa – the people are friendly and the environment is pretty different from back home. I’ve also furthered my understanding of the differences between New Zealand’s financial markets with those of Canada and the United States.”

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