Jackie Tin Lok Lai

Jackie Tin Lok Lai

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Software Development

The important role technology plays is why he decided to study computing, says Jackie Tin Lok Lai who joined AUT as an international student from Hong Kong to study a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences.

“In our modern world, technology is influencing people’s lifestyle, and I believe that an understanding of computing will become even more important in the future. When I graduate from AUT, I’d like to be a software engineer or mobile application developer.”

Choosing where to study was an easy decision for him.

“AUT’s computing degree covered all the necessary skills to start a career in the computer science industry. I would definitely recommend this programme as it provides you with up-to-date global computing knowledge, and improves your communication and other personal skills. I really like that AUT encourages students to collaborate. I’ve met a lot of students from different countries and the experience of collaborating with my friends has been precious.”

Studying online from Hong Kong
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jackie is completing his studies from his home in Hong Kong, which has been an enjoyable experience for him.

“What I like most about online learning is that I can rewatch every course video whenever I want. If there is anything I didn’t quite understand after the lecture, I can watch the video again to catch up on anything I’ve missed. One thing I’ve found challenging is the time difference – Hong Kong is four hours behind New Zealand, so I sometimes need to wake up at 4am if I have an early morning class I need to tune into.

“The lecturers and teaching assistants have been very supportive of those of us who are studying online from overseas. They always provide feedback and advice promptly. If I have any questions, I just send them an email and they’re very patient when explaining things to me.”

While there have been many things he has enjoyed about his studies so far, one particular course stood out most.

“My favourite course so far was Programming 1. Before I enrolled in this course, I didn’t really have any programming knowledge but the course covered all the fundamental programming skills. My lecturer – Steffan Hooper from AUT’s School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences – was really nice and the material was very useful to us students. The fundamental skills I learned in this course have made it easy to catch up on the advanced knowledge for the rest of my study.”

Advice for other students
Jackie has some great advice for other students who are completing their AUT degree via online learning.

“Because online learning is different to face-to-face learning, no-one will force you to study. You’ll need to motivate yourself to complete all the material. Creating a learning timetable is really useful if you’re studying online. You can record all your lessons and your study progress every week to make sure you’re on the right track.”

His other piece of advice is simple: ask for help if you need it.

“If you encounter any problem, please ask your lecturer or teaching assistant for help. They’re really nice, patient and happy to answer your questions.”

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