Isabella Grant

Isabella Grant

1st-year student, Diploma in Applied Science

She has always been interested in science, says Isabella Grant who is studying a Diploma in Applied Science, specialising in the Pre-Chiropractic pathway.

“I’ve always wanted to do something within the medical field but was never quite sure what. As well as this, I had a pretty active lifestyle and liked to incorporate wellness into my routines. After tossing up a number of options, I came across the chiropractic profession and knew that it was something that I wanted to be a part of.

“I have a strong passion for helping people and I know that becoming a chiropractor will enable me to express that passion. My end goal would be to own a practice of my own but right now my focus is just to do well these next four and a half years of study. I know that the New Zealand College of Chiropractic will be a challenge, but AUT is setting me up well in terms of time management and balancing a social life. That will be beneficial for my future career.”

Isabella wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Diploma in Applied Science to other students.

“The programme is broken down just enough to enable people to understand the scientific concepts without getting completely lost, but also challenges us and widens our academic potential. It provides a great base knowledge for the sciences, which can help with your future career endeavours, whatever they might be.”

The right move
She immediately knew that AUT was the right university for her, says Isabella who moved from Christchurch to Auckland for her studies, supported by a Significant Student Scholarship.

“When I came up from Christchurch to have a look around the AUT campus, the first thing that attracted me to the university was the wide range of opportunities on offer, from clubs to sports teams. The supportive and inclusive approach AUT has towards every person – no matter their culture, ethnicity or background – is something that I admire and get a lot of inspiration from. It really allows students to flourish in their educational environments.

“At first I was a bit worried as I didn’t know anyone else coming up to Auckland to study, and I was worried that I wouldn’t meet anyone. However, all of the events the accommodation staff at the Wellesley Student Apartments ran at the beginning of the year definitely helped me reach out and form connections with people that I now see as lifelong friends.”

Now fully settled into life at AUT, Isabella is enjoying her new life.

“I’ve really enjoyed the independence university study has given me. Alongside this, I really love the practical side of studying at AUT. I don’t think I would’ve gotten this I’d attended another university. In my first semester, I had labs for some of my classes and I really found that putting what I was learning in lectures into practice helped me to understand concepts more.”

Advice for other students
Isabella’s advice for other students is simple: stay on top of your work.

“You’ll thank yourself so much when it comes to exam time and you’ve been doing revision throughout the semester. Even if it’s just an hour at the end of each day, it will help you so much plus it’s a great habit to keep up even when you’ve finished studying and are going into a job.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, she adds.

“Even though it can seem scary, I can guarantee that there’s someone else siting in that lecture theatre or tutorial who is just as confused as you.”

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