Ilham Akhlaqi

Ilham Akhlaqi

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Creative Technologies

If you’re passionate about technology, arts and engineering, the Bachelor of Creative Technologies is the degree for you, says Ilham Akhlaqi.

“I decided to study creative technologies because it’s multidisciplinary, covering the fields of study I intended to study initially like computer science and fine arts. What I like about the Bachelor of Creative Technologies is that it’s a practical degree that offers students many opportunities and experiences to learn from.”

Choosing where to study was easy, she says.

“I’ve been to many open days and workshops at different tertiary and design institutes, but AUT offered the best platform for my studies.”

A variety of projects
She enjoys the variety of projects students can work on as part of the degree, Ilham says.

“I enjoy that in this degree, you can literally create anything you want as long as it’s relevant to the brief from your lecturer. Every project I’ve done has been so enjoyable and different. At AUT, you also have access to so many resources to use for any project you’re working on.”

One of the favourite projects she has worked on so far was a first-year project that showcased data through the use of an artefact.

“Our project focused on the percentage of women in the STEM industry, and our lecturer asked us to present our project to a group of 25 Vietnamese government officials that visited AUT. What was ironic about this was that only two of them were women, and we were able to mention this to them, which made them laugh.”

Supported to thrive
She appreciates that her studies have been supported by a Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters Scholarship, says Ilham who came to New Zealand from Afghanistan with her family.

“I’m fortunate to have received a Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters Scholarship, which helps young refugee women like myself pursue tertiary education. The scholarship covers tertiary-related fees and up to two years of accommodation if you’re studying away from your hometown, and also offers a strong support system for scholarship recipients.

“Thanks to the scholarship, I can focus on my studies and don’t have extra weight of student loans and financial issues pulling me down. I can study stress-free, knowing I’m debt free.”

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