Huy Ha

Huy Ha

Technical Lead, Nectar NZ Limited
Master of IT Project Management

He would highly recommend the Master of IT Project Management to other students, says Huy Ha who came to AUT as an international student from Vietnam.

“The  Master of IT Project Management is a very relevant and practical programme. It is strongly aligned with the IT industry and covers project management from multiple perspectives; the technical perspective, business perspective and a human management perspective. The academic staff have strong IT backgrounds and are very supportive.”

A highlight for Huy was when his supervisor for the research project, Dr Samaneh Madanian, asked if he would like to publish his final report.

“At first, I couldn’t believe it. With her strong support, I finished the report and my findings were published as a paper entitled ‘The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in IT Project Portfolio Selection’. For me that was a great moment. The report was also presented at the 15th International Research Workshop on IT Project Management.”

Choosing AUT
For Huy, deciding to study at AUT meant returning to university after more than decade as a successful IT professional in his native Vietnam.

“After graduating from university in Vietnam with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, I spent 13 years working as a software developer, before becoming a team leader and project manager. I worked closely with rapid growth start-up companies from Silicon Valley. The more I learned throughout my career, the more I could see how tiny humans are in the ocean of knowledge. I also became increasingly aware of the gap between technical skills and management skills. I decided to pause my current work and return to university.”

With that decision made, Huy started looking for a postgraduate degree that focused on management in the IT industry. AUT’s Master of IT Project Management stood out.

“The Master of IT Project Management at AUT emerged as one of the top choices. When I was reading about the programme details and course descriptions, I knew that this programme fulfilled my needs and would be a huge boost to my career in the next few years. I also appreciated that AUT is known for its focus on technology, and that New Zealand is a wonderful country with nice scenery and friendly people. These reasons motivated me to step forward and enrol at AUT.”

Stepping into a rewarding career
He is proud of being offered a rewarding job before he even completed his Master of IT Project Management, says Huy Ha who now works as a technical lead for digital lending company Nectar NZ Limited.

“Two months before I graduated, I received a job offer for the technical lead position at my current company. I was very happy to be offered a job before graduating, and I believe that my time at AUT definitely advanced my skills and helped me to get this role.”

In his role now, Huy uses his skills to ensure a great digital experience for Nectar’s customers and partners.

“What I love most about my job is that it doesn’t just involve coding; it’s more like a consultant role where I identify the best solutions for business requirements. Nectar offers a very friendly and supportive work environment, with a focus on self-management and high performance. I love what I’m doing every day and am still keen to learn new things.”

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