Hung Tran

Hung Tran

Project Manager Assistant, Turner Vietnam Limited Company, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Master of Construction Management with First Class Honours

The Master of Construction Management offered the ideal pathway to take his career further, says Hung Tran who came to AUT as an international student from Vietnam, supported by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade NZ Scholarship.

“I have a background in civil engineering but after a couple of years in the construction industry I realised that engineering is only a part of construction. Management problems also have a significant impact on a project, the industry and society. Delays and cost overruns, for example, can lead to low efficiency of investment and waste of resources. Low labour productivity and a high accident rate are also problematic for the construction sector. I believe good management practice is key to solving these problems. Therefore, I decided to study the Master of Construction Management.”

He would highly recommend the Master of Construction Management to people who want to take their construction career further and contribute towards making the construction industry more sustainable.

“I appreciated that the degree not only provides in-depth knowledge of delivering a construction project to meet the traditional time, cost and quality goals but also equips students with knowledge of ongoing technological developments in the construction sector, including intelligent buildings, energy-efficient design, environmental issues, innovative technologies, sustainability and lean construction. This ensures that students are well prepared for the changing future.

“I enjoyed all the discussions we had. Both the AUT lecturers and guest lecturers were knowledgeable and friendly, and there was no distance between the lecturer and the student when it came to discussing problems. Besides, the degree is designed for a wide range of construction professionals including engineers, quantity surveyors and architects, so any issue was discussed from different points of view. We all learned a lot from each other.”

A rewarding career
After completing his Master of Construction Management with First Class Honours at the end of 2020, Hung has now returned to Vietnam  where he is working for the Turner Vietnam Limited Company as a project manager assistant.

“A branch of Turner International, Turner Vietnam provides comprehensive project management, construction management and consulting services through the development, design, and construction stages of general building projects.”

He constantly draws on the skills he developed throughout his studies at AUT.

“In this role I’m responsible for helping the project manager identify the status of a construction project as well as any potential problems that may affect the successful completion of the project. From there, we can make decisions to solve any problems effectively and ensure the project is on track for its successful completion.”

Advice for other students
Hung’s advice for other students is simple: make the most of the facilities.

“AUT is a modern university so try to make the most use of the university facilities. My advice for students is to visit the AUT library website, read through all the sections about academic writing and attend the academic writing workshops held by the AUT library during the orientation before the first semester starts. I’ve also found the postgraduate study room to be a great place for independent study.”

He would highly recommend studying at AUT to other international students.

“The academic staff at AUT are always happy and willing to help, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and discuss any issues with them. This will not only help you understand the subject better but will also help you explore interesting ideas for your future study and career. I’d also recommend making time to travel across New Zealand to explore its breathtaking scenery as well as its culture and people.”

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