Hilary Wroe

Hilary Wroe

Pastry Chef, Attica, Melbourne
Diploma in Pâtisserie
Certificate in Practical Pâtisserie

From the Hawke’s Bay to working at world-class restaurants in New York and Australia – Hilary Wroe has certainly found adventure.

“I moved to Melbourne at the beginning of the year, after having previously worked at top New York restaurants The Musket Room and Le Coucou. The first Melbourne restaurant I worked at was two-hat restaurant Vue De Monde. Then I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity of a trial at fine dining, three-hat restaurant Attica, which is owned by New Zealander Ben Shewry.”

After a very successful trial Hilary was offered a full-time position as a pastry chef, and has now been working at Attica for over five months.

“I’m loving every minute of it. My day-to-day activities include preparing for dinner service, which includes three desserts and three savoury entrées. I love the team environment and the positive attitude in the kitchen. I recently also took part in a collaboration event in Sydney, alongside staff from another restaurant, putting on a great menu for 50 diners.”

With Attica now ranked as the number 20 restaurant in the World's 50 Best Restaurants list, Hilary plans to stay in Melbourne for a few more years before continuing her chef journey in London.

Well prepared
Hilary was already a trained chef when she came to AUT to further her culinary career by focusing on pâtisserie.

“I chose to train at AUT because it’s one of the best training institutes in the country, with great equipment, kitchens and wonderful staff. It was exciting to learn new techniques and creating a range of different products. We learned how to make cakes, gateaux, pastries, breads, hot and cold desserts, chocolates and petit fours. It was also interesting to learn the history of pâtisserie, all the different techniques involved and how huge the pâtisserie industry is,” she says.

Students also got first-hand experience of making food for a business open to the public.

“I loved the shop production experience. For two weeks, with the help senior lecturers Renny Aprea and Gilles Petit, students made a range of products to sell to the general public from the Piko café at the AUT City Campus. It was a fun, enjoyable time, even with the 7am starts in the kitchen.”

Healthy advice
Hilary loved her time at AUT and says she’d happily do it all again. She says the resources are there for students to succeed.

“Ask questions and get extra help if you need it. Eat all the food you can and enjoy it. I’m glad I chose to study at AUT because if I didn't I wouldn’t be working at Attica now,” the AUT alumna says.

“I believe the skills I learned at AUT helped me a lot. I can complete tasks with confidence, and can share my ideas and opinions on the creation of dishes because we learned so many different techniques and skills. AUT offers a great introduction to the pâtisserie industry.”