Hannah Julian

Hannah Julian

Event Production and Marketing Assistant, Oxygen Eventworks, New York City
Bachelor of Arts in Event Management

She will never forget her first day at AUT and feeling inspired by stories of other students landing amazing international career-making jobs, says Hannah Julian who completed a Bachelor of Arts in Event Management.

“The idea stuck with me, so I worked hard and became inspired through different projects. I love experiencing new places, so I always had my sights set on working overseas post-graduation. I love that AUT lives and breathes inspiration – it’s always there for the taking.”

Hannah says she would highly recommend AUT’s event management degree.

“It’s an incredible eye opener to the scope and magnitude of events in today's world and equips you with world-class knowledge, tools and industry contacts to kickstart an exciting journey. I’m incredibly grateful to be where I am today.”

Support and opportunities
There were lots of highlights throughout her studies at AUT, Hannah says.

“A huge consistent highlight in my time at AUT was – and continues to be – the amazing support from staff. I studied papers from event management, public relations and human resources, and the range of mentors I had along the way created the best experience possible.

“Another highpoint for me was my internship at Artweek Auckland in my final year. I learned a lot academically and personally throughout the project, alongside my incredible mentor and dear friend, Lexie Matheson.”

But what stood out most to Hannah was being able to go on a student exchange as part of her degree.

“The biggest highlight of my time at AUT would have to be spending a semester in Vermont in the US. I loved experiencing life and study in a different country.”

Amazing global experiences
After graduating from AUT at the end of 2019, Hannah is now back in the US and interning for Oxygen Eventworks in New York City. She got the sought-after internship through the Internz programme.

“I applied for this Internz scholarship because it combined the chance to live and work abroad with the opportunity to grow my love of events in one of the most incredible cities in the world.”

She loves being able to balance her time between event operations and creative marketing projects.

“I like variety, so this gives me the chance to float between different tasks. My job involves collaborating with clients to achieve their audio/visual needs for specific event types, ranging from corporate showcases to underground dance parties. I also work in the marketing side of the company, so get to develop strategies and implement tactics to enhance what we do for clients.”

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