Haneen Alqam

Haneen Alqam

Asset Engineer, Babcock NZ Ltd
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering

She enjoys using her engineering skills to make a difference to New Zealand’s maritime and defence forces, says Haneen Alqam who is now an asset engineer for Babcock NZ Ltd, New Zealand’s largest ship repair and marine engineering facility.

“We focus on maritime engineering asset management for the Royal New Zealand Navy, and I’m proud of being able to support our defence force and help them prepare for deployments. I’m part of the critical safety items management team which specialises in risk assessment for the nearly 22,000 items on Royal New Zealand Navy vessels and at offshore establishments.

“My role has made me realise the importance of this space and how all areas of engineering can support our maritime and defence forces.”

Nurturing her passion for engineering
As someone who has always been inquisitive, Haneen discovered her passion for engineering fairly early.

“From the age of 10, I was interested in understanding how everyday things worked, and many of the answers involved design, science and engineering. I worked hard during high school to prepare myself for studying engineering at university, and I chose AUT because I liked its approach to diversity and the huge amount of information and support offered to students.”

Her time at AUT helped shape her into the emerging engineering professional she is today, Haneen says.

“The highlights of my time at AUT included meeting lecturers from amazing backgrounds and great industry experience, the valuable practical course projects that made for excellent conversations during interviews, and networking and making lifelong friends. Many of the courses I studied at AUT directly relate to the work I do at Babcock now.

“Another highpoint for me was being one of a small handful of students chosen to visit Air New Zealand’s engineering facility and learn about vital components of material science in manufacturing. After this, I completed the AUT Edge Award, which opened my eyes to employability skills and the support I could get from AUT to help me transition from university to my career.”

Advice for other students
Haneen’s advice for other students is simple: always ask questions.

“If you think you look weird or awkward, just know others probably have the same idea as you. Being memorable as someone who is inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions at university will open so many doors for you.”

Make the most of the support services for AUT students, she adds.

“Grades are important but always prioritise yourself and your own wellbeing. There are many options for all kinds of support to explore at AUT. You’ll be thankful for every step you take towards being a more successful student.”

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