Guannan Xu

Guannan Xu

Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering student

Studying at AUT International House is about much more than just improving your English skills, says Guannan Xu who came to Auckland as an international student from China to study the GIE English language programme before starting postgraduate study at AUT.

“Studying at International House not only provides you with the English skills you need for university study in New Zealand, but also helps you become familiar with the environment and teaching facilities here as you’ll be based at the AUT City Campus. I would definitely recommend the International House GIE programme as it’s more like a compound course, combining university preparation and language skills.”

Learning alongside students from all over the world is also great preparation for the university environment, he says.

“As non-native English speakers, we are usually familiar with our native and the standard English accent. But many of the lecturers at AUT come from different countries, and they teach in English with different accents. At International House I met students from different places – such as India, the Pacific Islands, South America and Southeast Asia – which made me familiar with their accents and made it easier to adapt to my AUT classes now.”

Friendly and welcoming
AUT International House is well known for its friendly and open environment, Guannan says.

“It will be easy for you to adjust to living in Auckland and get through the initial period of studying in a strange city and leaving your family and hometown. I really enjoyed interacting with the teachers in the class, and communicating with teaching staff and school administrators.

“When you first arrive in New Zealand, your teachers are the only cluster of local people you know. At International House, the teachers and school administrators will not only teach you English but also give you so much help with living in Auckland.”

He loved studying at the heart of Auckland City while still having access to the stunning scenery New Zealand is known for.

“New Zealand is famous for its natural environment and Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand. Because of the location of International House and AUT in central Auckland, I got to enjoy life in the city but it was still easy to find beautiful natural scenery nearby.”

Becoming an engineer
After completing the GIE programme at International House in June, Guannan is now enrolled in postgraduate study in engineering at AUT.

“My goal is to become an electrical engineer. Right now I’m studying a Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering, and I’m planning to transfer into the Master of Engineering after that. I should have completed my master's degree in July 2021.”

He’s been enjoying his studies at AUT so far, Guannan says.

“You can find some very theoretical courses here, but you can also find very practical courses. As a student you have a lot of autonomy when choosing your courses, and can master what you want to learn.”

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