Grace Tu'inukuafe

Grace Tu'inukuafe

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance

Her career goal is to become a Chartered Accountant, says third-year business student Grace Tu’inukuafe.

"I took accounting in high school and enjoyed it so much that I decided to study accounting at a tertiary level. I'm passionate about accounting and am currently a Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CA ANZ) student representative."

Her studies will not only help her achieve her own dreams but also those of her family, Grace says.

"From a young age, my family stressed the importance of education, especially my dad as he didn't get the opportunity to attend university or complete high school. Therefore, furthering my studies will help me fulfil my dream of becoming a successful leader and make my family proud."

A memorable university experience
She has gained valuable skills through her university journey, says Grace whose studies are supported by AUT's Business and Law Pacific Student Scholarship.

"I would definitely recommend a Bachelor of Business at AUT to others as it offers a wide range of majors, and equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are valuable for their future career. Through all of the group assignments, I've developed the ability to collaborate cohesively and effectively in a team, in addition to my accounting skills."

For Grace, the people are a highlight of her studies.

"The friendships I've gained in class and through the student clubs have made my university experience a much more memorable one, as I get to actively learn in a fun environment with my peers who share similar interests. The academic staff have also been super supportive throughout my journey and have guided me towards achieving goals I didn't think were possible."

Creating Māori and Pacific leaders
Receiving a TupuToa internship has been one of her biggest achievements so far, Grace says.

"TupuToa is an organisation that helps Māori and Pacific students gain a summer internship in the corporate sector. It aims to bridge the relationship between Māori and Pacific tertiary students, and the corporate sector, and helps students gain work experience in their field of study within a corporate environment.

"I completed a three-month internship in Fletcher Building's treasury team over the 2017/18 summer break. It was amazing to gain experience in a corporate environment, and I absorbed as much knowledge as I could from my team while adding a bit of Polynesian flair to the office."

She says this experience has motivated her to aim for a corporate role and a leadership position in the future.