Grace Subianto

Grace Subianto

4th-year student, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering

For Grace Subianto, her passion for technology started at an early age and eventually led her to AUT to complete a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Software Engineering, with a minor in Networks and Security.

“I had long been interested in technology and how differently it could be applied to so many areas. In secondary school, I took a coding class that allowed me to develop an interest in software and how it could be used to create cool things.”

Choosing where to study wasn’t a difficult decision for Grace.

“What attracted me to AUT’s software engineering degree is that the programme enables me to explore my passions for creativity and problem-solving. I also appreciate that AUT is a university that is known for its emphasis on practical skills and hands-on approach. That really appealed to me.”

Friendships and experiences
Grace says she would highly recommend the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) to other students interested in software engineering.

“In my four years of study, I’ve experienced a great balance of both coding and software development with opportunities to apply both sets of skills in practical and theory work. I’ve developed skills in areas that are key to software engineering, as well as transferrable skills like project management, collaboration and communication.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people I’ve met at university. I think that finding a great group of friends who could experience the highlights and struggles with me, and have fun while we studied was definitely a highlight.”

Being able to apply her knowledge in a real-life software engineering project has been another highpoint for her.

“For my final-year project I’m working in a team of four, and collaborating with an industry partner to create a simulation of the passenger flow inside an airport. Our simulation aims to accommodate the entire process a passenger should experience, from queueing for check-in to the sections of the airport post-security. We’re following an Agile Scrum methodology to complete the project, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience of learning to create and manage a project from scratch.”

Advice for other students
Grace’s advice for other students is simple: take advantage of the opportunities to learn.

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and get feedback on how you could improve. Take chances and try new things; it could turn out to be a good choice.”

As she has been studying during the global COVID-19 pandemic, she is grateful for how AUT has supported students when learning moved online.

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced at AUT was probably the shift to online learning during the COVID-19 lockdowns. I find that I learn best in a face-to-face setting, but my lecturers really tried their best to accommodate students and adapt to the situation.”

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