Georgia Powell

Georgia Powell

Practice Manager, The Lansdown Clinic, Stroud, United Kingdom
Bachelor of Health Science in Health Administration

When she read about AUT’s health management degree she knew it was the right path, says Georgia Powell.

“The Bachelor of Health Science in Health Administration stood out to me. There’s such a huge demand nationally and internationally for health management staff, and there hadn’t previously been a degree in New Zealand to support this demand. This major can open up so many opportunities for non-clinical careers and there’s a huge range of courses available.”

Her studies have prepared her well to make a difference to healthcare and people’s lives.

“During my studies, I was working as a medical administrator and research assistant for an orthopaedic surgeon, Boland Orthopaedics. After graduating at the end of 2018, I was offered a role as the practice coordinator and I worked there until I moved to the UK in 2020. I have a huge passion for providing a great standard of health services to our clients, and aim to continue my career in health administration.”

A reputation for academic excellence
AUT has a great reputation for its health and environmental sciences programmes, Georgia says.

“I had heard that AUT is extremely student focused, and my experience of AUT was above and beyond any expectations I had.”

She had many highlights throughout her studies.

“The wide range of papers offered enabled me to gain valuable knowledge of different perspectives of New Zealand healthcare. The engaging lectures and tutorials were also standouts for me.

“One of the biggest highlights would be my placement that I completed in the final semester of my degree. I was placed within ACC and it was a great learning experience where I could put what I’d learnt over my three years into practice, and get a feel for potential career options.”

Advice for other students
Don’t give up, Georgia advises other students.

“When the going gets tough, never give up. Even when you think you can’t do something, you’ll always prove yourself wrong.”

Never be afraid to ask for help, she adds.

“There’s always someone feeling the same way you do and there’s always someone to help. The biggest challenge I’ve faced at AUT was the amount of work and pressure in my final year when I was completing workplace experience alongside three papers. But the AUT staff are extremely dedicated to their job and always willing to provide guidance.”

*The Health Administration major is now called Health Management.

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