Georgia Oude Wansink

Georgia Oude Wansink

3rd-year student, Bachelor of International Hospitality Management in Event Management and Marketing

Choosing what to study was easy, says Georgia Oude Wansink who is studying a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management in Event Management and Marketing.

“At the end of Year 11 in high school I was looking into universities and possible degrees and career paths, so I could choose what school subjects to take. When I was looking through the AUT programme guides I came across event management and I decided that was something I could really see myself doing in the future.

“Eventually, I would love to be an event manager at a large hotel chain, and have the opportunity to travel and see a multitude of events.”

Inspiring and supportive
She would highly recommend the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management, Georgia says.

“I think it offers you so much knowledge, as well as the opportunity to get workplace experience at the end of your degree. I’ve had so much support from lecturers and students, and I believe that at AUT you’re provided with just the right amount of support. The programme has me excited to get into the industry and begin my career.”

She’s enjoyed deepening her knowledge of the hospitality industry, says Georgia.

“Hospitality is not only about hotels. It goes so much further and is one of the most influential industries because every person on the planet comes into contact with the hospitality industry in some way or another. I love the idea that you can create a memory for a stranger within this industry.

“I’ve loved the connections I’ve been able to develop through my time at AUT. I’ve met so many great people – both lecturers and students – who have brightened my experience of university. University isn’t only about the studies, but also the social experiences you’re able to create for yourself. I’ve made some amazing friendships.”

Advice for other students
Now halfway through her degree, she is sharing her experiences with first-year hospitality students through her role as a peer mentor.

“I decided to become a peer mentor because I wanted to be able to offer support to other students, as well as challenge myself. In this role, your effectiveness to be able to help another student can be the difference in their grades. What I enjoy most about the job is seeing students come in with confusion and leave with confidence.”

Georgia’s advice for other students is simple – take it day by day.

“Don’t overwhelm yourself. The workload is all achievable if you break it down. Don’t get so fixated on your grades that you forget to enjoy the experience, and take in every piece of advice and knowledge possible because there are so many industry experts and professionals you’ll come into contact with through AUT.”