Georgia Meachin

Georgia Meachin

Head of Marketing, Pure Sport CBD, London
Bachelor of Business in Management and Marketing

Marketing is a job you can do in almost any country, says business alumna Georgia Meachin who is now the head of marketing for Pure Sport CBD in London.

“I’ve been lucky enough to live in London, Melbourne and Bali, and find jobs quite easily because marketing is such a diverse and high-demand role. I worked primarily in business to business roles before Pure Sport, so it has been really exciting to be working in a business-to-consumer role where I can see a direct correlation between our marketing and the response from customers.”

The variety of work she is involved in is one of the highlights for Georgia.

“As the company is technically an ecommerce start-up, I do a bit of everything and the whole team collaborates on all of our marketing, but some of my key areas are data analysis and consumer insights, campaign management, email marketing, social media, website development and user experience. I’m really passionate about data and trying to find meaningful insights that can be used to make business decisions. It’s a really fun and fast-paced role that I’m constantly learning in.”

Finding her path
As much as she loves marketing, Georgia admits she wasn’t always sure what she wanted to do for a career.

“Coming out of high school I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I chose to study business because a business degree can open a lot of doors and be useful in many different career paths. I decided to come to AUT because my understanding was that it was a more hands-on university, and I really enjoyed that learning was a mixture of classroom style and lecture halls.”

She still fondly remembers her time at university.

“I loved my time at AUT. The AUT City Campus is modern and I genuinely enjoyed coming in to study because it was such a nice environment to be in. AUT is much more personal and interactive than other universities, and you can learn so much from your lecturers and classmates.

“There were many inspiring moments for me but I particularly remember my lecturer Dr Sommer Kapitan – seeing her path and what she had done in her career, as well as how passionate and engaging she was as a lecturer was really inspiring for me. I also found the workplace experience that is part of AUT’s business degree really helpful as it gives students real-life experience that can sometimes lead to a full-time job afterwards as well.”

Advice for other students
Georgia, who graduated from AUT in 2018, has some great advice for other students.

“University isn’t like high school – how far you go and how well you do is completely up to you. Don’t focus on not failing and getting just over 50% to pass; focus on taking in the information and learnings because they will help you down the track. The advice I would have given to myself would be to focus on the bigger picture. Everything you’re learning is important and useful, so don’t just focus on what will be in the exam.”

Her other piece of advice is not to be afraid of starting at the bottom in your career.

“Getting your first job in your field after university can be difficult without experience. I initially worked in customer services in the electrical industry, which helped me eventually get a job in that industry in marketing. It wasn’t my preferred industry to work in, but it gave me marketing experience which led to me getting jobs in marketing in industries I was really interested in.”

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