Gemma Keay

Gemma Keay

Corporate Restructuring Intern, Zolfo Cooper, New York
Bachelor of Business in International Business and Management
Bachelor of Business (Honours) with First Class Honours

The opportunities and experiences AUT offered were the highlight of her university journey, says business alumna Gemma Keay.

“I never thought I could achieve what I have done throughout my time at university. Time and time again I’ve had the opportunity to practise the theory I’ve learnt at AUT and put it into action.

“Throughout my time at AUT not only have I completed my honours degree but have also attended talks and workshops, and completed workplace experience at EarthCheck in Australia, one of the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory groups for travel and tourism. And currently I’m working in New York at a world-renowned restructuring company – all thanks to AUT.”

Opening up new opportunities
Deciding to study a business degree was easy, Gemma says.

“I wanted to pursue a degree that would challenge and expand my perspective on the world. How the business world operates has always interested me, in particular the similarities and differences between different countries’ business practices and how culture ingrates its influences on such practices.

“I could see that the Bachelor of Business would prepare me well for working abroad and would open up new opportunities for my future career.”

Taking up the opportunity to do postgraduate study was also an easy decision for Gemma.

“After being on the honours roll each semester, completing a Bachelor of Business (Honours), specialising in international business, seemed like a logical step. Although it was challenging, achieving first class honours was a tremendous achievement for me.”

Experiencing the New York finance industry
After graduating at the end of last year, Gemma is currently working at world-renowned finance firm Zolfo Cooper in New York. She got this sought-after internship through the AUT Internz International Scholarship Programme.

“Zolfo Cooper is one of the world's leading financial advisory and interim management firms, located in New York. The opportunity to work for a company like this doesn’t present itself on your doorstep every day, so I simply had to apply for this internship.”

She has had many highlights throughout her internship, Gemma says.

“Each week is different, which was a great way to vastly widen my knowledge and experience in a short timeframe. I also love that Zolfo Cooper has a strong company culture, which was visible the moment I set foot in the office. This made the transition into the company easy and allowed me to get involved in a variety of projects from the get go.

“Through this internship, I can experience living in New York and working in the finance industry in one of the biggest hubs in the world. What an exceptional opportunity to apply the theory I learned throughout my AUT degree and gain an international perspective, which is vital in today’s global business environment.”