Gabrielle Stone

Gabrielle Stone

Final-year student, Bachelor of International Hospitality Management in Food and Beverage

About to graduate with a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management in Food and Beverage, Gabrielle Stone has long had a passion for the hospitality industry.

“I’ve always loved hospitality, and the opportunity it offers to connect with people and make their day a bit better.

“I chose to study hospitality at university because I decided that I would like to own my own hospitality business one day, and I wanted the skills to be able to do this effectively. What I liked about AUT’s hospitality degree is that it covers a wide range of topics, taught by lecturers who have been leading the industry.”

A career advantage
What she has enjoyed most about her studies are the opportunities she had access to at AUT, Gabrielle says.

“Not only did I learn a lot in class but I’ve also had the opportunity to meet people who are just as interested in hospitality and had access to a number of industry roles that have opened up.”

She would highly recommend the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management to other students.

“This degree gives you the confidence and knowledge to get you further in the hospitality field. I learned more about a range of topics including leadership, financial management, culinary skills and human resources. I now have an understanding of how a business works, which is a significant advantage for my future career.”

Advice for other students
It’s normal to have doubts, says Gabrielle who is proud of receiving the top marks in a number of her classes.

“In the first and second year at AUT, I really struggled with knowing whether or not I had taken the right path. I think this is actually a common problem for students that isn't often talked about. Fortunately, the lecturers at AUT are so supportive and were always willing to talk with me about my options and just encourage me.

“Don’t worry if you aren’t 100% sure all of the time. If you’re happy and enjoy aspects of what you’re learning, it's going to get you to your end goal eventually. Stick with it and just enjoy it because three years will fly by.”

Expecting to graduate in December, Gabrielle already has a good idea what her next step will be.

“I’m looking at doing postgraduate study next year so that I can become a secondary teacher and teach food technology. Eventually I would also like to delve into the event management world one day.”