Gabriel Chatkupt

Gabriel Chatkupt

Student, Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine

Studying paramedicine was the obvious choice for him, says Gabriel Chatkupt, an international student from the USA who is enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine.

“I’ve always been interested in the medical field, but was drawn to emergency medical services early on when I participated in my home county’s Search and Rescue team in high school. During my time in the unit I learned to greatly appreciate and enjoy the opportunity first responders have to make a positive impact and help the people that need it.”

While he still has a bit of study ahead of him, Gabriel already has a good idea how he sees his future after university.

“I’d love to go into emergency medical services, whether that be paramedicine or firefighting. I want to be on the front line of healthcare and I know that this degree will help me achieve this goal.”

Studying online from the US
He has enjoyed learning about the intricate systems within the human body as well as different perspectives of health, says Gabriel.

“Growing up in the US, I’ve mostly been exposed to the concepts of western health and wellbeing, but some of the other perspectives resonate with me much more. I also particularly enjoyed the course on human development. Discovering the ways humans develop opened my eyes to how truly complex the human mind is.”

Because he is based in Portland, Oregon, in the US, so far Gabriel has been completing his degree through online study.

“What’s great about studying online is having the ability to work at my own pace throughout the week. That has made balancing my life much easier, and I can spend time with friends and family or go to work without worrying about a conflicting schedule. The most challenging aspect of remote learning has been adjusting to the limited social interactions with others. I can’t wait to finish out my degree in person as soon as I can travel to New Zealand!

“With such unpredictable circumstances because of the global pandemic, I’ve had to adjust my study plans several times and the help I’ve received from AUT staff has been instrumental. Studiosity and the advisor meetings have also helped me work through assignments, as well as navigate the difficult circumstances that the pandemic has brought.”

Advice for other students
Gabriel has some great advice for other students who are just starting to think about the university journey.

“Find your passion and pursue it, but most importantly enjoy yourself. Make the most of your university experience because it’s such a privilege to experience learning from another perspective and this time is precious. Even as a distance student, I’ve had a great time learning through the New Zealand lens and working with students from across the planet.”

He wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine.

“I’d absolutely recommend the paramedicine degree to anyone interested in this field, and the knowledge involved is beneficial to all, no matter what your profession is. Not only have I learnt about how the human body works, but I now know much more about psychology, different theories around health and wellbeing, as well as psychological development. This knowledge can help inform anyone on ways to promote and lead a healthier lifestyle.”

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