Fucheng Zheng

Fucheng Zheng

Doctor of Philosophy student
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Artificial intelligence has impacted the world in many ways, says Fucheng Zheng who came to AUT to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is now working towards a PhD.

“For electrical engineering, artificial intelligence can automate many processes, which could drastically decrease the cost and amount of resources required in this industry. For my doctoral research, I’m investigating identity swap technology for dynamic human face image replacement in videos.

“I chose this topic because I found this technology extremely fascinating. It’s a combination of artificial intelligence and different tools from the electrical engineering industry. I hope my PhD research can add value and advance the field of computer vision.”

Fucheng says he was first inspired to pursue research in this area when he was working with Professor Peter Chong, the head of AUT’s Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, during his undergraduate degree.

“Professor Peter Chong felt that I had a lot of potential in this field, and he had some great research opportunities which inspired me to pursue further study in this area. I enjoy now working closely with him as my PhD supervisor.”

A chance to experiment
Deciding to study engineering was easy, says Fucheng who is now sharing his passion for engineering through his role as a teaching assistant for first-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) students.

“I chose to study electrical and electronic engineering because throughout my childhood I had been interested in developing programs and researching electronic devices. I’ve always wanted to be an engineer because, in my opinion, this is a profession that has the potential to change the world.

“What I like about AUT was that it’s a university where students can focus on practice and experimentation. That made me very interested in AUT. I also wanted to be part of AUT’s diverse student community.”

Having the chance to apply what he learned is what he has enjoyed most about his studies, Fucheng says.

“I’ve enjoyed being able to do engineering experiments in the laboratory, as this enabled me to see the results of the experiment with my own eyes. It was also great to be able to discuss the results of the experiment with my classmates.”

Advice for other students
Set yourself new challenges every day, Fucheng advises other students.

“My advice for other students is to constantly challenge yourself to do better and to be better. I think studying engineering is a great challenge, and I would happily recommend the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) to students who want to challenge themselves.”

Make the most of the opportunities available to AUT students, he adds.

“One of the biggest achievements I had throughout my time at AUT was being able to go on a student exchange to the University of Technology of Troyes, and live and study in France for a year.”

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