Freya Munro-Goodey

Freya Munro-Goodey

Business Director, Hustle & Bustle, Singapore
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Public Relations

Since graduating from AUT in 2009, Freya Munro-Goodey’s PR career has taken her all over the world, from Auckland to Sydney and now Singapore.

“I’ve loved the different cultures I’ve worked in and I feel this has helped me gain new skills as a PR consultant. As the business director at PR-led brand agency Hustle & Bustle in Singapore, I help companies launch new brands, enter new markets, attract new customers, get on the news agenda and share their story. It’s such a diverse role and no two days are the same.

“Hustle & Bustle is a fantastic company to work for. The team is strong and talented with diverse local and international experience. The clients are global leaders in their category and I’m very proud to work for such a creative and dynamic agency. Singapore is very different from Australia and New Zealand, and I’ve loved embracing the culture here and the way business is done.”

Finding her path
Choosing to study communications was easy, says Freya who received a Significant Student Scholarship to support her studies at AUT.

“The Bachelor of Communication Studies was a degree that would put my strengths to good use. I was interested in the communications majors offered in the final year, however didn’t know in high school what exact path I wanted to go down.”

She loved being able to explore different communication disciplines before deciding which area to specialise in for her future career.

“Knowing that I could test out the different options in the first few years and then decide what I enjoyed best was great. I discovered that public relations was my calling and have not looked back.”

Passionate and likeminded people
Meeting likeminded people was one of the highlights of Freya’s time at AUT.

“AUT’s communications degree attracts some really fantastic and creative people who are just as passionate as you. As the classes are interactive and hands on, you really get to know a great group of people and make life-long friends. I still bump into classmates today, and have even worked with them in workplaces around the world.”

She appreciated being able to apply the skills she was learning throughout her studies.

“We were writing media releases, pitching to media, managing a real campaign from end to end, and reporting a news story in front of the camera. For me, this is the best way to learn. The skills I gained at AUT were the foundation of my career and have been put to good use.”