Frankie Moore

Frankie Moore

Kaiako, Te Wharemarie Tamariki, Wellington
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Teaching)

Working in a kindergarten made her fall in love with early childhood education, says Frankie Moore.

“I was a teacher aide in a kindergarten and fell in love with everything that went on in there. The way children learn fascinated me, and I realised what a significant impact teachers have on children’s lives.

“I knew this was my calling – this was how I was going to change the world.”

The changing face of education
She would 100% recommend AUT’s Bachelor of Education, Frankie says.

“You’ll gain so much more than a piece of paper at the end of this degree and will grow in ways you never expected. AUT’s pedagogy matches the changing face of education, and looking at the bigger picture and at society was a challenge I enjoyed.

“Our assignments were rarely ever focused on showing that we had learned some set of prescribed knowledge, but instead focused on critically analysing everything that impacts education, learners and ourselves as teachers.”

Throughout her studies, she had a number of achievements she is particularly proud of.

“I passed a few papers with an overall A+ grade, but the most valuable achievement for me was receiving the Community Contribution award along with a good friend of mine. Getting involved felt like the most authentic way to give back to AUT.”

Advice for other students
Having graduated at the end of 2018, Frankie has some great advice for other students.

“Aim to learn something authentic from every assignment, and choose topics that you’re passionate about instead of topics that seem easy. Worry less about what grade you get. And start your assignments early – they’re always less terrifying once you get the ball rolling.”

She learned a lot about herself through her degree, says Frankie who is now a kaiako at Te Wharemarie Tamariki in Wellington.

“I didn’t just learn about teaching. My studies challenged me to unpack who I am, how I came to be this way, and how that shapes who I am as a teacher.”

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