Frank Liu

Frank Liu

Interior Designer, Warren + Mahoney Architects
Master of Design
Bachelor of Design in Spatial Design

The studio and community culture was the highlight of his time at AUT, says art and design alumnus Frank Liu who studied a Bachelor of Design in Spatial Design, followed by a Master of Design.

“I have countless memories of working with my friends and other creatives on late nights. This experience not only grew me as a designer, but most importantly made university feel like a second home.”

One project in particular made a strong impression on Frank.

“In my second year, our lecturers presented an installation project they worked on, named ‘Hole of Yellow Archipelago’. Experiencing the translation from a 2D concept to a real-life space was a lightbulb moment for me. It was a space designed for children to express their creativity and learning, however it was really interesting to see how they adapted the space into something playful and mildly chaotic. It made me consider the impact we have as designers in our environments and the emotions that often arise in such spaces.”

The right fit
After initially considering studying architecture at university, Frank soon discovered that spatial design was a better fit for him.

“I realised that spatial design suited me better in terms of designing at a more intimate and relatable scale. I also liked that spatial design has a multidisciplinary nature, which enabled me to explore a variety of creative options in terms of art, space and design.”

Deciding where to study was easy for Frank.

“AUT was my first choice as it has a reputable art and design school and a leading spatial design degree.”

A rewarding career
Frank’s hard work throughout his studies has certainly been noticed.

“While I was at AUT, I achieved a number of Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Awards, as well as a couple of short internships at Jasmax while I was still a student. I also received a few Outstanding Student certificates throughout my studies.”

After completing his Master of Design in 2018, Frank has now turned his passion for spatial design into a rewarding career.

“I’m currently an interior designer at Warren + Mahoney Architects, and have been involved in numerous retail, commercial and workplace projects across New Zealand.”

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