Fatima Naji

Fatima Naji

Master of IT Project Management student
Graduate Diploma in Computer and Information Sciences

She has always had a passion for managing projects and turning a concept into reality, says Master of IT Project Management student Fatima Naji.

“I’ve been working in the IT industry for 10 years, and I often come across project managers who don’t have a background in IT yet manage IT projects. This is a weak link in the world of IT, and projects often fail, don’t finish on time or don’t have the impact that is needed. This made me determined to learn about this area and utilise my background to become a successful IT project manager.

“The Master of IT Project Management covered all the avenues and topics I want to excel in. I had studied at AUT before and this gave me a good progression plan to achieve my goal of studying a master’s degree in IT project management.”

Highly recommended
She would highly recommend this programme to potential future students, Fatima says.

“The Master of IT Project Management has given me the tools I need to excel in my workplace and to understand the topic of project management from a different perspective. If you’re considering applying for this programme, I recommend you meet with the programme leaders, so that you’re fully aware of what is on offer.”

There have been a number of highlights throughout her studies.

“I’ve enjoyed the variety of professional industry speakers who came in to give a snapshot of their experiences, which enabled us to interact and learn from that encounter. I’ve also enjoyed the different working backgrounds students come from.”

Balancing study, work and family
Combining study with work and family commitments wasn’t always easy, Fatima admits.

“My biggest challenge has been studying while working full-time and juggling family life. Fortunately, the AUT lecturers gave me the trust and flexibility to manage my time on campus as well as passing on advice whenever I needed.”

Expecting to complete her master’s degree at the end of 2019, she is looking forward to applying her newfound knowledge in the workplace.

“I would like to pursue a work opportunity where I can put my new knowledge into practice and aim for higher career achievement goals. Eventually, I would also like to aim for a PhD once I have a solid foundation to lean on.”

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