Farzana Zainurin

Farzana Zainurin

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts

It’s easy to be inspired by the experiences and life journeys of the AUT staff, says Farzana Zainurin who is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts.

“The culinary arts lecturers are so passionate about the food they’re demonstrating to us, and always helpful and kind. I also like that we can offer any feedback on their lectures to help create even better experiences for future AUT students.

“As a Muslim student I also appreciate how the culinary arts staff have supported me. They’ve been really understanding, kind and accommodating, and always tell me if there's any alcohol or non-halal meat used in any of the dishes. They’ve made me feel comfortable, and I love them for it.”

A love of food
Farzana’s interest in cooking and culinary arts started in high school.

“I studied food technology, and hospitality and catering as two of my subjects in Year 11 to Year 13, and really enjoyed these subjects. When I was in high school I was also fortunate to be a part of a gateway programme that involved a placement at Columbus Coffee as a kitchen assistant to the chef. These experiences convinced me to pursue a degree in culinary arts.”

Choosing where to study was easy, says Farzana who hopes to run her own restaurant or café one day.

“I thought the description of the programme and the papers sounded interesting, and I was intrigued by the fact that students get to create a pop-up restaurant in their final year. The degree felt like a level up from what I was studying in secondary school, but more focused and exciting.”

Creating great graduates
The culinary arts degree covers so much more than just cooking skills, Farzana says.

“In the Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts you gain communication skills, teamwork skills, time management and organisational skills in the kitchen. You’ll also meet new friends and create friendships with people from different backgrounds. And of course, you get to experience a range of diverse food.”

The practical projects are a great chance to showcase your creativity, she adds.

“AUT creates many opportunities for students to express their inner creativity through the practical assignments and projects. This makes the papers fun and exciting.”