Farkhondeh Hassandoust

Farkhondeh Hassandoust

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

Information systems are the pillar of today’s successful businesses, but the systems aren’t always used to their full potential, says Doctor of Philosophy candidate Farkhondeh Hassandoust.

“Organisations continue to invest in information systems, with the expectation that employees will use these technologies to enhance the organisation’s competitive advantage. However, many of these information systems are underutilised.

“I believe, studying the behaviours of users of such systems can help management make investment decisions,” says Farkhondeh, who was awarded a Vice Chancellor's Doctoral Scholarship to pursue her research.

Currently at the halfway point of her doctoral research, she recently presented a paper on her work at the prestigious European Conference on Information Systems in Germany.

A new chapter
Before joining AUT, Farkhondeh worked as a strategic marketing manager for a global company providing cloud solutions, a role that drew on her background in electronic engineering and knowledge management.

Starting a new chapter and putting her career on hold was a little unnerving at first, she admits.

“I knew I wanted to pursue a comprehensive research degree but it was a big change from a full-time career to postgraduate study. The unbiased advice and guidance from my supervisors, as well as the university support were just what I needed to move forward.

“AUT offers a very friendly environment for students. The amount of support on offer is just the motivation you need, especially for research-based degrees that require a lot of stamina and inspiration. I would absolutely recommend this programme to others considering postgraduate study.”

Support and motivation
Farkhondeh appreciates the friendly interactions with her supervisors and lecturers.

“I really enjoy the sharing culture at AUT, and try to absorb as much from the academics’ research knowledge as possible. Our department also arranges internal workshops every few weeks to share new findings with students. I’ve learnt a lot from these workshops.”

Postgraduate students also have access to many other valuable resources, including workshops on the different career paths available to them.

“For example, I recently attended a workshop on how to prepare for job interviews, where to apply for jobs and the kind of jobs available in the academic market. It was a very helpful workshop as it answered the questions many students have,” Farkhondeh says.