Farhein Akmal

Farhein Akmal

Master of Health Informatics student

The Master of Health Informatics is a great choice if you’re passionate about healthcare and technology, says Farhein Akmal who has a background in biotechnology and previously worked as a system engineer.

“I aim to become a data scientist specialising in predictive analysis for the healthcare industry, and would like to contribute to the precision medicine sector with my analytical skills. I’m interested in predictive modelling, and my master’s research project focuses on building a predictive machine learning model to calculate the risk of patients being readmitted to hospital within 30 days after being discharged.”

Expecting to complete her master’s degree at the end of the year, Farhein is already applying her skills in an internship at Orion Health.

“From the first day of the degree, I looked at Orion Health as my dream company. Orion Health is a New Zealand-based global software company that delivers healthcare software. When my lecturer told me that Orion Health are looking for an intern, I immediately grabbed this opportunity. It was a dream come true when Orion Health selected me for their project. “

Creating world-ready graduates
AUT not only focuses on academic excellence but wants every student to be an all-rounder, says Farhein who is proud of the A grade average she maintained throughout her studies.

“AUT is one of the top universities in the world, and encourages students to get involved in clubs, groups and activities. I’ve been involved in various clubs like AUT STEM Women where I met many people from different countries, all united by a common interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

Farhein says she appreciates how AUT encourages students to build leadership qualities through free workshops that prepare students for their job and future life, or activities like the AUT Edge Award.

“In the process of completing the AUT Edge Award I volunteered for several organisations like the Auckland District Health Board, and participated in leadership activities like organising an event or choreographing several dance routines. All these activities taught me skills like teamwork, inquisitiveness, communication and creativity.”

She also enjoyed sharing her experiences with others through her role as a student ambassador.

A new life in New Zealand
She loves studying in New Zealand, says Farhein who came to AUT as an international student from India.

“New Zealand is a place where you’ll never run out of things to do. I love mountains and beaches, and New Zealand offers all of these.

“The people in New Zealand are very welcoming and loving. After a few days in this country, you’ll start to feel like it’s your home.”