Fahima Muse

Fahima Muse

Community Occupational Therapist, Greenlane Clinical Centre
Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy)

She loves making a difference in the community, says health sciences alumna Fahima Muse who is now a community occupational therapist for the Greenlane Clinical Centre.

“My job involves completing home visits in the community to see clients. We assess the person and their level of functional abilities, their home environment and their daily activities. After assessing what the person needs, we then recommend equipment or modifications to support the client within their home.

“I really enjoy working with my clients in the community and making sure that their goals are being met. As an occupational therapist, I help people develop, recover and improve while maintaining the skills they need to live their life.”

While there have been many highlights in her career so far, one achievement stands out most for Fahima.

“I’m most proud of getting my accreditation for Seating to Go wheelchair and complex housing modifications. Within my career as a community occupational therapist, there’s a certain training requirement to help us assess our clients in the community and recommend Ministry of Health funded equipment and modifications.”

Friendships and learning opportunities
Fahima says she has always had a passion for helping people.

“I wanted to have a meaningful career that will make a difference in the community. What I liked about occupational therapy is that it enables you to spend quality time with clients and make their life more meaningful. It’s a rewarding career that allows you to give someone the ability to live a meaningful life. That’s why I enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) at AUT.”

She still fondly remembers her time at university.

“My highlights at AUT included being able to learn about a career I was passionate about. I made some amazing friendship during my university years and had very supportive lecturers. I also had the opportunity to do clinical placements during my degree, which I really enjoyed because I had the chance to apply the theory we were learning in practice.”

Advice for other students
Fahima, who graduated at the end of 2017, has some great advice for other students.

“My advice for future AUT student would be to stay focused and aim for your goals. Don’t let anyone define success for you. Remember to give yourself the permission to grow in life and to be kind to yourself.”

Make the most of the academic staff, she adds.

“Lean towards your lectures and ask questions because the academic staff are there to help.”

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