Eva Parker

Eva Parker

Graduate Analyst, Commercial Performance Team, Treasury
Master of Business in Economics with First Class Honours
Bachelor of Business in Economics and Finance

She enjoys having a career with a purpose, says AUT business alumna Eva Parker who is now a graduate analyst at the Treasury in Wellington.

“It was important for me to find a sense of purpose in doing work that matters not only to myself but to all New Zealanders. Working at the Treasury has allowed me to enhance my financial and technical skills, but also develop my understanding of public policy.

“A typical day in the Commercial Performance team can involve briefing Ministers on the performance and strategic direction of Crown-owned companies, meeting with a company’s executive team to discuss company policy, and researching sector news and trends.”

Taking on postgraduate study
Having initially come to AUT to study a Bachelor of Business in Economics and Finance, Eva decided to stay on at AUT to study a Master of Business.

“I wanted to develop my research capabilities, including my written and oral presentation output, but especially my ability to analyse data. In a competitive job market, these skills can help demonstrate you’re capable, but perhaps more importantly, passionate about your area of study.

“For my master’s research, I quantified income-related and ethnic mental health inequalities in New Zealand and investigated their association with a range of demographic, socioeconomic, lifestyle, healthcare system, and racial discrimination factors. The recent increase in the prevalence and awareness of mental health inequalities within New Zealand motivated me to understand the factors responsible for such disparities.”

She would highly recommend the AUT business programmes to others, says Eva who received the AUT Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship to support her studies.

“I would recommend the business programmes, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. The teaching staff are knowledgeable, approachable and often exceed the energy you put into your studies. Through completion of an applied project or workplace experience in your final semester, you also graduate with practical experience and established connections in the research or business sector.”

Seeking out opportunities
What you put in is what you get out, is Eva’s advice for other students.

“Go the extra mile and actively seek out opportunities – a little extra time and effort now will result in invaluable experience and connections that could last a lifetime.”

Eva had a number of invaluable and memorable experiences throughout her time at AUT, including receiving an AUT International Exchange Scholarship to complete a six-month international exchange in Montreal, Canada.

“This is a great way to gain exposure to a different culture and meet others from different backgrounds – and now that everyone has completed their studies and headed onto their next adventure, I feel like I have a diverse network that spans the globe.”

Other highpoints of her time at AUT included working as a teaching and research assistant at the School of Economics, and initiating the AUT Economics Society (AUTES), which runs industry speaker sessions, study groups and networking events to help economics students succeed and better understand the many opportunities their major can lead to.

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