Ethan Siegel

Ethan Siegel

4th-year student, Bachelor of Business in Management & Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Management

Sport has always been his passion, says Ethan Siegel who is currently completing a Bachelor of Business, and Bachelor of Sport and Recreation and hopes to work in professional football coaching in Europe when he graduates.

“I wanted to study sport because it’s something I’m passionate about and want to have a career in. I chose to come to AUT because it provided the best study option for sports, and gave me the ability to combine my sports degree with business. That means I have a plan B alongside my regular studies.”

If you want to get involved in sport, AUT is the place to get started, Ethan says.

“What I’ve enjoyed most are the practical elements of AUT. The workplace experience that is part of the degree means you graduate with industry experience from the get-go, which will give you a ‘one-up’ on most other graduates. Being able to practise what I’ll eventually be experiencing in the workplace means I’m better prepared for when I eventually graduate.”

Making the most of university life
The highlight of his studies so far has been going on a student exchange to the UK.

“From September 2018 to February 2019, I went on exchange to Leeds Beckett University in the UK to study sport and recreation at their Headingly Campus. The people I met when I was there were great and that, coupled with the places I went to, means it’s an experience I’m never going to forget.”

Another standout for Ethan was being able to represent AUT at the SDS business case competition, where teams from six New Zealand universities are given a real-life business case and have five hours to come up with a strategy to then present to a judging panel. He has also been selected to represent AUT again in Sydney later this year.

“I’m proud of my own and the team’s accomplishment at SDS Wellington 2019. Representing my university has certainly been a highlight. Another highlight for me would be the various concerts I’ve MC’d and the events I’ve been to.”

Advice for other students
Now in his fourth year, Ethan has some great advice for other students.

“Enjoy your uni experience, do cool stuff and talk to heaps of people – you never know, you might make a good mate from it. Obviously keep your grades to a good standard, but make sure you also enjoy your university experience and study something you love.”

Don’t give up, he adds.

“Uni can be a hard graft but it’s worth it in the end.”

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