Emily Harrison

Emily Harrison

1st-year student, Bachelor of Arts in Children and Learning & Psychology

She enjoys learning about many different aspects of education, says Emily Harrison who is in her first year of a Bachelor of Arts in Children and Learning & Psychology.

“When I graduate I’d love to either work in a field of psychology or as an intermediate teacher. I chose the Children and Learning major because it seemed like it would provide a good base to start learning about how children learn and develop. Futures learning interested me as well because of how important it is to understand how technology is changing the way people learn.

“The papers we’re studying range from the future of education to exploring the lifespan development of children. I would definitely recommend this programme to others, especially if they’re also interested in another major as that is a good base for further learning about children.”

A welcoming environment
AUT’s focus on the wellbeing and support of every student is what first attracted Emily.

“The environment and people at AUT are extremely welcoming, making it easy to form great friendships. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful, no matter the circumstances. Because of the friendships I’ve formed coming to class never seems like a chore.”

She has also appreciated how welcoming and caring the lecturers and tutors are.

“This has made asking any questions seem less daunting. The smaller class sizes mean that tutors and lecturers know you by name and care about you and your success. Every paper provides a simple coursebook, which is the same format for each class, making it easy to understand and keep up to date. There are also so many options of papers that everyone can find something they’re truly interested in.”

Advice for other students
About to finish her first year at university, Emily has some great advice for other students.

“Although university may seem like a big commitment, coming to AUT has made it so enjoyable that my advice is to just take the plunge and go into every course with an open mind. It’s such a friendly environment – you’ll have friends in every class and everyone is so helpful and supportive.”

There’s so much support available to help you find your way, she adds.

“I recommend attending Orientation for new students as the people I met there have become great friends. It was also very helpful to meet the course co-ordinator and find out a bit more about who you’ll be working with over the next months.”

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