Emily Griffin

Emily Griffin

Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Master of Human Rights

Being able to make a documentary about homelessness was one of the many highlights of studying the Master of Human Rights, says Emily Griffin.

“I enjoyed my master’s degree because the programme was so varied, interesting and challenging, and I met a great group of classmates.

“One of the things I enjoyed the most was being involved in the making of a documentary on youth homelessness, a group project we then showcased at a panel event.”

Inspired to make a difference
She would highly recommend the programme to others interested in human rights and making a difference, says Emily who completed the Master of Human Rights in 2017.

“I would definitely recommend the master’s degree because it was so well taught, and provided us with a variety of skills and knowledge. Through the programme we also met many people working in the area of human rights in New Zealand. I also appreciated that I could complete the programme in modules, while working full-time.”

She says the degree also inspired her to do further study in this field, and she is now a PhD candidate.

“I was really inspired to do further study after completing my Master of Human Rights at AUT. I enjoyed my year of study for the master’s degree. It was incredibly stimulating, and I wanted to expand on that experience.”

Research that matters
For her PhD research, Emily is focusing on the issue of pay equity, supervised by Dr Jane Verbitsky and Professor Judy McGregor.

“I’m researching pay equity and strategic litigation, and why the recent pay equity case taken by aged care workers and Kristine Bartlett was so successful. I hope that my research will provide an insight into this success, and will also be of assistance to others seeking gender pay equality.”

She appreciates the support available to postgraduate students, Emily says.

“I’ve attended a number of postgraduate workshops provided through AUT’s Graduate Research School, and these have been a great resource and support.”

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