Elizabeth Broom

Elizabeth Broom

Certified Translator and Interpreter, Eurolinguist Translation Solutions
Graduate Diploma in Arts

Being an interpreter can be very challenging but also very rewarding, says Elizabeth Broom who studied a Graduate Diploma in Arts in interpreting at AUT.

“I’m passionate about languages and cultures. Working as an interpreter enables me to bridge that gap between two completely different cultures and facilitate understanding between two different people, so that problems and processes can be dealt with.

“It feels nice knowing that I’m making a difference, enabling migrants who require language support to receive assistance with various things.”

Highly recommended
Already working as a Spanish and Portuguese interpreter for private clients and government departments, Elizabeth wanted to gain a higher qualification and develop her interpreting skills in more specialised areas, particularly in health and legal contexts.

“AUT is well-known for its interpreter training and hands-on approach to learning, and it has some really wonderful academic staff who are experts in the field. I initially received a scholarship to complete the first part of this programme, the graduate certificate, through a government/AUT partnership scheme, but I enjoyed it so much that I decided to keep going and complete the whole graduate diploma.”

Linguistic proficiency alone doesn’t necessarily make you a competent interpreter, Elizabeth says.

“It’s very important to complete a qualification in interpreting. There are many aspects of technique that are important, and a solid understanding of ethical issues is vital so that you can be prepared for challenging situations when working in the real world.

“The course content is very interesting and useful if you’re interested in working as an interpreter in legal or health settings. The highlights of my time at AUT were the passionate staff who are experts in their fields, studying alongside peers from all different cultures and knowing that what I’m learning is useful for my work.”

Advice for other students
Stay focused, Elizabeth advises other students.

“Be very disciplined and consistent with your self-directed learning. The interpreting skills you learn at AUT will need to be developed gradually throughout the entire programme and can’t be left to the last minute, so consistent practice is a must. However, it’s only a short chunk of your life, so it’s worth it!”

Working and studying at the same time has its challenges, she admits.

“The programme involved a lot of self-directed learning, so I had to make sure I dedicated enough uninterrupted time to my personal study.”

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