Eden Wairua-Orme

Eden Wairua-Orme

Artist Relations Manager, The Artist Group (TAG), Los Angeles, USA
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Creative Industries

Te Whānau a Apanui

The music industry has been a passion of hers ever since she can remember, says communication studies alumna Eden Wairua-Orme who now works for independent music label and management company The Artist Group (TAG) in Los Angeles.

“TAG specialises in managing songwriters, and I’m currently the artist relations manager for the label, and day to day manager for two artists; Naomi Wild and Tempest. I get to touch so many different projects and build relationships with all our artists. Sometimes I’m helping plan a music video or release party, other days I’m jumping on FaceTime with an artist to help plan out their week in the studio. Every artist has a unique story and career journey that they’re on, and I get to know them on a very personal level in this role.

“Earlier this year, Tempest signed to Arista Records and we’re currently working with the label on the rollout of her debut album, which will release next year. The other artist I manage, Naomi Wild, is also working on the rollout of her album and we’ve had some huge wins this year including her acting debut in the feature film ‘Taurus’ with Machine Gun Kelly. Naomi has spent the last couple months traveling across the country with ODESZA, as a guest performer on their North America tour. I got to see her perform live in front of an arena crowd, and that was crazy.”

It's funny how things work out, says Eden who first came to LA in 2019 to intern at Paramount Recording Studios as part of the AUT Internz programme.

“After my internship at Paramount ended, they asked me to stay on as a full-time employee, but I eventually moved on to work in music touring at a company called The Appointment Group. I loved working there, but then COVID-19 hit and I lost my job in mid-2020. That was a blessing in disguise because my career was forced to re-route itself. I actually ended up exactly where I’ve always wanted to be and doing what I had always dreamt of doing; working with artists.

“The AUT Internz opportunity opened the door for me to start my career in the music industry, but also set me up to move to the US and start a whole new chapter in my life. I feel really lucky because every day I get to do something I always dreamed about. I remember being a third-year uni student and telling my comms tutors that in five years I wanted to be on tour with an artist I manage. And I’m definitely on track to be able to do that!”

Creating great graduates
For Eden, the first step towards her career in the creative industries was enrolling in AUT’s Bachelor of Communication Studies.

“Amongst my peers AUT is renowned for its successful communication studies graduates. It has a fantastic reputation for prepping students with practical coursework and valuable work experience. The great thing about AUT is that no matter what you study, you’ll come out with invaluable experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

She was impressed by the academic staff she met throughout her degree, Eden says.

“One major highlight from my time at AUT was how personable the academic staff are. We really got to know the staff well, and they were encouraging and in-depth with their teaching. This was particularly helpful in my final year when assignments became increasingly more challenging. It helped to know that I had tutors who were pushing me to do well.”

Advice for other students
Eden, who graduated from AUT at the end of 2018, has some great advice for other students.

“No matter what degree you choose to study at AUT, you’ll definitely have fun while studying. Enjoy the ride while you can!”

Make the most of the opportunities AUT offers, she adds.

“Studying at AUT was the most rewarding experience, and I want to encourage people to throw themselves into the many opportunities on offer. There are various groups, committees and days held by the university that can enhance your time there and help you come out with some seriously awesome employability skills.”

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