Eamonn Dobson

Eamonn Dobson

Technical Production Intern, Oxygen Eventworks, New York
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Advertising Creativity

Interning in New York through the AUT Internz International Scholarship Programme is one of the best things that ever happened to him, says communication studies alumnus Eamonn Dobson.

“Because of this internship and support from AUT I can spend the next year living in New York City and working for an awesome company, Oxygen Eventworks. I’m involved in creating high-class events for some of the biggest companies in the world; an opportunity I never would have received without the help of AUT.”

Eamonn’s responsibilities range from creating lists of the equipment needed for each event to inspecting the venues with the technical directors and working on site on the installations.

“My favourite part of the job is getting to work on site, because I love seeing the projects come to life. The people I get to work with are incredible, and the venues are often places that I would like to visit anyway, like the Guggenheim Museum. This makes working on site even better because it's a great way for me to explore the city.”

Lighting the fire
After initially dreaming of being a journalist, Eamonn fell in love with advertising in his second year at AUT.

“I originally wanted to be a journalist, but when I was in my second year of study I really enjoyed the advertising paper I was taking and then decided to follow that career path instead.

“The highlights of my time at AUT were all the great people I met and the connections I made along the way, including the fantastic advertising tutors in my third year, like Paul White.”

Being able to work on advertising campaigns for clients was a highpoint for Eamonn.

“I’m particularly proud of an advertising campaign for STA Travel’s multi-flex pass a fellow student and I created in our third year. Presenting to the client was awesome and the feedback we received from them was so positive. It was an incredible moment after so much hard work and long hours.”

Advice for other students
Eamonn, who graduated at the end of 2018, has some great advice for other students.

“My advice would be to apply for the Internz programme. Even if you don’t think you will get an internship – I definitely didn’t – they’re such fantastic opportunities to work and live in countries you never thought you would be able to. It’s honestly such a fantastic experience that no other university offers.”

He would recommend studying at AUT because of the University’s openness to change and support of people from all walks of life.

“AUT is not afraid of change and listens to the voices of its students to create an incredible learning environment that helps students learn, while offering a comfortable environment that helps form friendships with fellow students.”