Durgeshni Chandra

Durgeshni Chandra

4th-year student, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Architectural Engineering

If you like logic and creativity architectural engineering is a great choice, says fourth-year student Durgeshni Chandra.

“I’ve always had a keen interest in all types of engineering. Civil engineering particularly caught my attention, but I was more interested in the design aspects of civil engineering than the construction aspects. When AUT introduced architectural engineering that was the perfect choice for me.

“I also believe that it’s very important to be mindful of environmental, economic and social factors when it comes to buildings. Buildings that are more sustainable and that consider these factors will be the buildings of the future. By studying architectural engineering, I feel that I’m doing my part to make this happen.”

Positive and interactive
The interactive learning environment is one of the highlights of her studies, Durgeshni says.

“There’s more interaction in the classes, and as a talkative person I like this interaction between the students and the lecturers. We also have a decent amount of group work in most of our papers. This has helped me develop my teamwork skills; vital skills all engineers must have.”

As someone interested in the aesthetics of buildings, she also appreciates the campus environment.

“AUT’s campuses are amazing. I feel that students need to have a positive environment to stimulate learning and keep them engaged. All of AUT’s new buildings and facilities were created with students in mind. It’s a pleasure just to be on campus, and I’m more focused on campus than anywhere else.”

New school thinking
Durgeshni says she’d like to encourage others, especially women, to study architectural engineering.

“Who says women can’t take engineering pathways? I’m a representative for the architectural engineering students, and we often have meetings with staff to make sure everything is going well. Since we’re the first architectural engineers, AUT is constantly moulding the papers to make them even better, both for us and for future students.”

Students also have access to plenty of support, she adds.

“AUT has a lot of support facilities on campus, whether it’s for supporting students with study, social or health issues. The lecturers are very friendly and helpful, and will happily help if you’re ever struggling. Peer mentors are also at hand, and they’re easy to approach because they’re students too.”