Duaa Al-Hamid

Duaa Al-Hamid

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

She is interested in how smart technologies and smart cities can offer a better life to people, says Duaa Al-Hamid who came to AUT as an international student to complete a PhD in engineering.

“The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) enables the intelligent transportation of a smart city, focusing on the road management and safety, and vehicular communication networks. My PhD research focuses on developing an approach of vehicular intelligence and dynamic network groupings of vehicles on the road, using a flexible network structure based wireless sensor network. The approach is governed by the road regulations where the size of a vehicular group is bounded by a given road stretch, number of lanes and the road type.

“In my research, the digital twin technology is explored where a similar structure and behaviour to the physical environments is generated on a virtual platform. This technology is useful in such dynamic applications as the network can be modified, tested and analysed virtually before the actual physical network implementation.”

Duaa’s PhD research is being supervised by Professor Adnan Al-Anbuky from AUT’s School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

Feeling welcomed
After completing her master’s degree from Salford University in the UK, Duaa – who is originally from Iraq – decided to take on doctoral study because she wanted to be involved in further scientific research in electrical and electronic engineering. This decision would lead her to AUT.

“I chose to come to AUT for my PhD because I found they offered my research area of interest and had a supervisor who was interested in my research proposal. The PhD team was very helpful when I first contacted them asking for details about the doctoral programme.”

She still strongly remembers the day she first contacted Professor Adnan Al-Anbuky who is now her PhD supervisor.

“I emailed him to explain my research area of interest, my previous degree, and all related information to be able to be accepted into the PhD under his supervision. He replied to my email after only five minutes, with a very friendly and welcoming email. This kind of communication encouraged me to go further with my application and become part of AUT as a PhD student.”

The right environment for PhD study
Expecting to complete her PhD in 2023, Duaa says she has been enjoying her time at AUT so far.

“As a PhD student, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of AUT’s Sensor Network and Smart Environment (SeNSe) research laboratory. I’ve enjoyed the teamwork, the regular meetings, research activities and the technical work with other researchers. This has added a lot to my PhD journey and research experience.

“In addition to my studies, I also won an award at the AUT X Challenge entrepreneurship competition; an experience that motivated me to be even more innovative and productive in my research work. I also received a couple of scholarships during the PhD journey including a summer scholarship, a research assistantship, and a scholarship to present my research paper at the IoV conference in Paris, France.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a PhD in engineering at AUT.

“The university offers support by running postgraduate student workshops for writing, referencing and data analysis. During the PhD journey, AUT often offers students the chance to take on a job as a teaching assistant to gain more experience in academia. I’ve been able to work as a teaching assistant and lecturer, which has added to my experience and strengthened my PhD study as I was teaching courses related to my PhD.”

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