Divya Kataria

Divya Kataria

Graduate Site Engineer, Bridges Department, Transmission Gully
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Construction Engineering with First Class Honours

AUT has an amazing international reputation, says Divya Kataria who came to AUT as an international student from India to study engineering.

“AUT is well-known for its friendly and international staff, and for offering a student-focused environment. The class sizes are small, so the lecturer can pay attention to each and every student. The lecturers are from all around the world, which makes the environment friendlier and more diverse.

“I also loved the amount of group projects we got to work on at AUT. This showed that AUT has a more practical approach towards engineering because as an engineer you often work in teams that also include architects and other professionals.”

Since graduating from AUT, Divya now works as a graduate site engineer in the bridges department at Transmission Gully, while volunteering her time as United Nations Peace Ambassador to raise awareness of the effects of tuberculosis and MDR-TB in North Korea.

“I enjoy working in the structures, quality and design departments at Transmission Gully, and learning about different disciplines of civil engineering and how they come together. It’s great to be a part of a national project that will help connect Wellington better and be a part of New Zealand's landscape.”

A future in construction
She has always been fascinated by architecture and the building design process, says Divya who recently won the Merit Category of the Student of the Year Award by the National Association of Women in Construction.

“When I was in school, I was really good at mathematics and loved solving problems. This made me more inclined towards engineering.

“Construction is a big and booming sector in New Zealand, and studying construction engineering gave me an understanding of the various opportunities and careers I could go into once I graduate. It’s fascinating how one major can open up pathways to so many different and diverse roles. It gives you the freedom to realise your full potential and choose what you want to do. The construction sector is diverse and through my degree I can go into different professions and work on various commercial, residential and industrial civil projects.”

She would highly recommend the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Construction Engineering.

“It’s a challenging and interesting degree that is well laid out by the faculty. The academic staff are also really good and supportive. I would recommend this degree to anyone who has an interest in architecture, or civil and construction engineering. The best part about this degree is the Industrial Project where students in their final year work on a real-life structural project in a team. This gives you insight of various procedures, from design to construction and the final delivery of a project.”

Highlights and achievements
One of the achievements Divya is most proud of was winning the Auckland Global Talent Showcase in the engineering category. An initiative set up by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development’s Study Auckland and HR consultancy Talent Solutions, the event celebrates exceptional international students in Auckland. More than 150 international students applied to take part.

As well as an internship with Globex Engineering, Divya also won a leadership development course, business mentoring and career coaching.

Another thing she is particularly proud of is helping to set up a new student exchange programme that enables engineering students to study in Prague.

“I helped to arrange a new bilateral agreement between AUT and the Czech Technical University in Prague. AUT was open to forming a student exchange with a new university, which enables four engineering students to experience a semester abroad in Europe. AUT provided full support and guidance all throughout the process.”

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