Denis Skvortsov

Denis Skvortsov

Business Analyst, Architecture and Delivery Team, Auckland Council
Bachelor of Business in Information Systems & Management

What he loves most about his career is the sense of fulfilment it gives him, says Denis Skvortsov who completed his Bachelor of Business in 2018 and then joined Auckland Council’s ICT graduate programme. He has since been offered a permanent role as a business analyst in Auckland Council’s Architecture and Delivery team.

“I get to contribute to some of the projects that take place around the city and help shape it for the better. Making our strategy come to fruition is very important for me and I feel extremely inspired to make Auckland the most livable city in the world.”

As part of the graduate programme Denis was able to navigate his way around many different areas of Auckland Council.

“My experience here has been very diverse, and valuable and I’m really excited about my future in this organisation. One of the highlights during the graduate programme was being involved in a project that focused on fitting high-speed wireless internet routers on the Auckland Libraries’ mobile libraries cars. This meant bringing the internet to households that don’t have internet access at home, so when the mobile library vehicle travels to such neighbourhoods, Aucklanders can use it free of charge.”

Highlights and experiences
Throughout his time at university Denis had plenty of highlights.

“The biggest highlight for me were the friendships I’ve managed to build over the course of my studies. The relationships are very important in the modern professional world, and I’m glad that I managed to establish some solid contacts. The smaller classes at AUT also enabled more direct interaction with the lecturers and made it easy to ask them any questions. Another thing I appreciated about AUT was that I had the freedom to shape my degree the way I saw fit. This was great as I had a job during my studies and needed some form of flexibility.”

The workplace experience that is at the core of AUT’s business degree was another highpoint for Denis.

“As part of AUT’s Bachelor of Business, students complete workplace experience in a related industry, and then compile a report on what they’ve done and how it contributed to their professional development. I was chosen to undertake my workplace experience as part of AUT’s ICT team.

“I consider myself fortunate to have had this experience as it provided me with a lot of knowledge that I’m still using to date. I took part in multiple projects, both as an observer and a contributing member of various teams. The main scope for my work was improving internal processes, and I was extremely happy to have been a part of such an important undertaking.”

Advice for other students
Denis’ advice for other students is to make the most of the university experience.

“Your time spent at university is one of the most valuable experiences young people can ask for. So make sure to choose the right study discipline, work hard and make that difference. And don’t be afraid of making a mistake; mistakes lead to learning and personal growth.”

Sometimes a course may surprise you, he admits.

“My lightbulb moment was in my first year when I had to complete one of the core business courses, Quantitative Methods for Business. The course primarily covered algebra and trigonometry concepts that are fundamental for economics, information systems and other business disciplines.

“Initially, I was very apprehensive about taking this subject but I decided to persist and study as much as I could to pass the course. It wasn’t easy, however, it ended up being the course I did the best in throughout my three years at AUT. This was primarily because my lecturer managed to spark my interest in the subject as his passion for it was simply contagious.”

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