Dalya Al-Mohamadamin

Dalya Al-Mohamadamin

Doctor of Philosophy

For her PhD in biomedical engineering, Dr Dalya Al-Mohamadamin explored a new approach to treat sleep apnea, a sleep disorder where a person stops breathing while sleeping.

“Sleep apena is the difficulty of breathing during sleep, which can, in the worst case, prevent people from ever sleeping, causing difficulty to function or live a normal life. This disorder is prevalent in today's society and is projected to be one of the most common sleep disorders in the future. For my PhD, I looked at a new approach to treat sleep apnea and bring comfort to patients.

“I chose this research topic because I find it challenging and interesting, and it can have a positive impact on people I know and the community at large. The field of biomedical engineering aligns with my keen interest in medicine as well as my background in engineering. It’s a discipline that is still relatively new in the engineering field, but it’s becoming more and more important as we progress towards further advancements in both medicine and engineering.”

Dalya’s PhD research was supervised by Professor Ahmed Al-Jumaily from AUT’s School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences who is also the director of the AUT Institute of Biomedical Technologies (IBTec).

The right university environment
Deciding to come to AUT to complete her PhD was easy, Dalya says.

“I chose AUT because of its modern facilities for research, and its supportive and close-knit learning environment that encouraged me to achieve my full potential. I enjoyed the opportunities to meet other likeminded individuals, the friends I made and the great mentorship given by the academic staff at IBTec.

“I’d highly recommend this programme because it provides you the opportunity to excel in science, and solve real-life challenges in collaboration with local and global industries.”

Dalya’s hard work throughout her studies didn’t go unnoticed and she received a number of awards to recognise her dedication.

“I was proud to be chosen as a candidate by Callaghan Innovation to receive financial support and to carry out my research in advanced laboratories that are provided by Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. I was also proud to be nominated as a finalist for the New Zealand L'Oreal UNESCO For Women in Science mentoring programme in 2020.”

Big plans ahead
After recently completing her PhD, Dalya is currently planning what to do next.

“My plan is to carry on working in the field of biomedical engineering and secure an opportunity to work with a company that is advanced in this field.”

Dalya says she would love to inspire other women to follow in her footsteps.

“My goal is to become a role model for women in engineering, and to make a meaningful impact on the biomedical engineering community and society as a whole.”

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